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Meet Illumeo – Learning Platform Specifically For Audit, Accounting And Corporate Finance Professionals

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Illumeo combines a cloud-based LMS, over 1,000 specialty courses in those topic areas, and over 20 types of continuing education credits for the certified professionals in our user base. Below is our recent interview with John Kogan , CEO of Illumeo:

John Kogan

Q: You’ve recently been recognized as a 2018 “Top 10 LMS Solution Provider”; could you tell us something more?

A: Illumeo was recently recognized as a “Top 10 LMS for 2018” by Education Technology Insights magazine due to our unique combination of specialty content, technology and recognition of the importance of “built-in” Continuing education content and credits (cpe). The award recognized the move away from generic corporate LMSs, and towards those that can deliver for “specialty” organizations across the company, such as audit, accounting and corporate finance.

Q: What makes your competency assessment tool different?

A: Live everything on our platform, our assessment tool is uniquely focused on audit, accounting and corporate finance professionals. Thus, we have benchmarked over 200 jobs in these and directly related areas and have unique insight into those roles. This enables our “Course Recommendation Engine” which provides automated course recommendations for each user, providing them with truly tailored and useful learning experiences.

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Q: How does the assessment process work?

A: Our assessment is a multi-step but very rapid process whereby individuals (or, in a corporate setting, managers, their direct reports, and others who can be invited from inside or outside of the company) can build assessment models or use our baseline models to run through a series of competency measures. For instance, our baseline finance assessment model has roughly 50 competencies covering technical and ‘enabling’ skills needed by corporate finance professionals. Then, when compared to the appropriate job title benchmark, the platform does two things: 1) identifies “knowledge gaps” against those benchmarks for the individual, and 2) recommends courses that specifically address the filling of those knowledge gaps. It’s far faster than ‘surfing’ massive course catalog and guessing what you need. It really nails down what you should be focused on to achieve your learning goals and it saves time for both the manager and employee.

Q: What kinds of courses do you offer to your clients?

A: We have a very large catalog focused on audit, accounting and corporate finance topics, and this covers more ground than many would imagine from the outside. They run the gamut from highly technical statutory accounting, tax, finance and treasury courses, to the softer skills needed by professionals in these functions. We have the largest catalog -over 1000 – of built-in, always-available courses and live webinars for what we call “the Office of the CFO” plus audit.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are building out our highly advanced CPE (Continuing Professional Education) tracking capabilities that will make it much easier for our users to stay on top of their statutory training requirements. And, as always, we are adding between 10 and 30 courses a week, to keep our utility to these users growing!

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