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Meet Startup Muber – Airbnb For Package Delivery

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Atlanta based startup Muber is a peer-to-peer package delivery system and marketplace that matches the people who want to buy an item abroad to the people who can travel, buy and deliver the item. Leo Lofranco and Francis Plaza are co-founders of Muber startup. Our recent interview below is with Leo Lofranco, CEO and co-founder of Muber:

Q: Could you tell us your story and what was your inspiration for Muber?

A: Francis and I are very good friends and have known each other since high school. We started Muber back on April as an idea from our experience traveling together in the past. I was a research intern at Harvard while Francis was at his senior year at MIT. Both of us love traveling. We travelled over 15 countries in the past two years and ever so often our friends and family would ask us to buy certain gadgets, books or cosmetic products as we returned. Take for example, my father would ask me to buy exclusive CD albums here in the US while our friends would even ask us to buy them BB creams from South Korea. So on April 10 2013, we started Muber as a small passion project to cater the numerous requests we had and also to connect and build a verified and trusted community where buyers of unique or hard-to-find items can easily connect to travelers to buy and deliver it for them.

Meet Muber:

Q: What roles do you each take and how do you complement each other skills-wise?

A: Francis as a full stack web developer from MIT, handles all the back-end development and making sure that the application doesn’t break all of a sudden. On the other hand, I work mostly on the front-end designing the visual interface of the product. In the same time, I also handle all the business aspects creating the spreadsheets and talking with investors.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: For the future, we have lots of plans for Muber. But first of all, we are focused in attracting more Beta Users especially travelers to join the community. We are also actively looking for investments that we plan to use to hire a mobile developer to help us develop the mobile app that would complement our current web application. If we get enough, we also look forward to hire a Sales and Marketing guy to boost our social presence and again attract more users. Growth, growth and growth – thats our plan!

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