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Minnit Platform Connects People To Promote Knowledge And Insight Sharing

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While Google might not have all of the answers, Minnit, powered by the crowd might. Minnit is the first kind of live help desk for everything formed with a goal of building a knowledge sharing community among strangers around the world. Below is our interview with Yoon Kim, Founder of Minnit:

Yoon Kim

Q: What was the inspiration for starting Minnit and how does it help people?

A: The main inspiration was becoming increasingly more aware that beneath the veil of progress and prosperity, there were rising sense of frustration and discontent with economy, society and technology in the U.S. and many other parts of the world. Social media and the so-called sharing economy have created more connections than ever between people, but those connections have only served to concentrate wealth even more to fewer people than ever before. Minnit is our first product step in creating a true knowledge sharing economy. It gives people a way to share their knowledge and insight, creating a type of real time peer mentorship, powered by the crowd, through your smartphone or laptop.

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Q: Explain what data/knowledge do you wish to gain from Minnit?

A: The big things is to see whether we can connect people, strangers really to seek and share knowledge, insights, and perspectives to create a new kind of value generating social network.

Q: How is the response to Minnit so far?

A: SInce the very early test launch on February 17th, I am pleased with the response so far. Our message, based on CTR, seems to resonate, our engagement rate has been very good. But the product is a very much of an early MVP and we got some good feedbacks and data to start another round of development this month.

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Q: Are there any additional startup plans for the future?

A: My plan is to grow Minnit in a much bigger platform that allows to people exchange things of higher value and time the current platform.

Q: What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

A: Question and test every assumptions.

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