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Things You Should Pay Attention To While Choosing Sales Enablement Software

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Lily Avetyan

Written by: Lily Avetyan, from Contiq


For the last couple of years all types of businesses can’t seem to escape the buzz of Sales Enablement. 32% of organizations state that over the next 12 months they will prioritize Sales Enablement in their Sales and Marketing strategies. Nowadays, such softwares are more than enough to get lost in and not know which ones to use for your particular company. It’s easy to lose count on how many new tools come out of blue and the funny thing is that usually they get only better, with newer improvements and cool features, leaving you a little confused about how to choose from them. So, let’s try to briefly cover the most important aspects to pay attention to that would help you not get tangled up and select the most “enabling” tools for your company.

Sales Enablement has been covered a lot all over the web. But just for the sake of it, let’s explain it one more time. Sales Enablement is the ongoing process of providing your sales AND marketing teams with the relevant tools and content to sell better, larger and faster. This prepares a safe ground to assume that it is, in fact, a very needed asset for your sales and marketing strategies. So, what should you take into account while choosing?

How aligned are your Sales and Marketing departments?

A: This is by far one of the most important issues of any company: marketing and sales operate separately and blame each other for the inefficiency of the sales outcome. Kind of ironic and not realistic to find which team failed: did marketing not create the right content or did the sales lack the proficiency to attract prospects with that content? In any case, according to Hubspot, Sales and Marketing misalignment can total in $1 trillion in decreased sales and marketing productivity and efforts. Depending on whether your company lacks the alignment of these two major players, you should start using Sales Enablement software that focus on their collaboration. Basically choosing a software that allows for both teams to create content together is a great place to start with.

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Measure how your sales actions perform

A: Getting the best content is not nearly enough to close the long awaited deal you’ve been nurturing for a while. The most optimal and effective way of finding out whether your content was good or not is to track and measure its performance. Good content is the one that converts. And in order to know just how well it assisted the conversion, how faster the sales cycle got completed and how well the buyer responded to the actions is to have valid and insightful data on them. Such analytics are what Sales Enablement softwares are designed to do best of all. So, the next aspect to pay attention to while choosing which tool to use, is the data on measuring your sales’ performance.

The hype of Sales Enablement is indeed well-deserved, without being overrated. According to Aberdeen, companies with outclassing sales enablement strategies have 13.7% annual increase in deal size and value. This clearly proves that Sales Enablement makes the sales and marketing teams work more effectively with each other, showing bigger volumes of sales at higher velocity and thus providing higher ROI for businesses.

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