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Online Marketplace AdYoYo Simplifies Shopping Through Smartphone Product Videos

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Join 1000s of people near you who are already buying and selling on AdYoYo today. AdYoYo is the first video-only buy and sell app in the US. Discover a new way to sell your gently used stuff using video, or shop great deals near you. How many times have you used a buy & sell app to purchase an item, only to arrive at the pickup spot to discover that the item looks nothing like it did in the photos? AdYoYo, a smartphone app brings local buyers and sellers together through the use of an intuitive and simple, yet feature rich video platform. AdYoYo is different because they only show videos of items for sale on their buy and sell app. With AdYoYo, you can shop hot deals with confidence, knowing that what you see in the video is exactly what you’re going to get.

To find out more about their platform we spoke with Christopher Kelly, CEO at AdYoYo:


Q: What’s your startup story? How did AdYoYo start?

A: AdYoYo is the brainchild of one of our two founders, David Nizgoda, who was looking to purchase a used item online here in Las Vegas. The story is quite funny, but also ultimately revealing of the pitfalls often associated with traditional C2C online buying and selling, and I think many of us can relate in one way or another to what he experienced. One day he decided to look online to find a used sofa. He pulled up the listing, saw a picture that he liked, and contacted the seller. When he arrived to pay and pick up the sofa, it was a children’s size sofa, which ended up being nothing like what he pictured based on the photo. He could do nothing but laugh and that is when it hit him, video is the way to do this the right way.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, David saw that video provides an opportunity to bring a confident shopping experience to the consumers and simplifies the buying and selling process. With video, sellers have an opportunity to show every little thing about the item they are selling in detail. If it’s an electronic, they can turn it on, demonstrate how it works, and highlight its features. Conversely, buyers can shop with confidence, knowing that what they see is exactly what they are going to get. No surprises.

Our mission is simple and clear. We connect local buyers and sellers to purchase and sell items they are looking for in the easiest and most trusted way possible.

Q: You’ve recently been announced as the new CEO; could you tell us something more?

A: I come to Las Vegas from Santa Barbara, CA, where I was the CEO of a small publically traded tech company. But when I connected with AdYoYo, it was a no-brainer to hitch my wagon with them. My passions truly lie in the startup space, finding a niche that is begging to be filled, bringing in talented individuals to form a team that shares the AdYoYo vision, and creating a customer experience where that person says “wow, this is cool and makes things easier.” And that is exactly what I’ve found here. We have completed our seed round of funding and are looking forward to opening up a Series A round later in the year.

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Q: What are your plans?

A: We have many items in the works, and we are really excited to bring those things to market. Briefly, a few of things that people can expect from us soon are: an escrow wallet for secure transactions within the app, more features, expansion around the United States as well as international launches in places such as India, and a vastly improved editor. Keep your eye out. We’ve got a lot coming.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using AdYoYo?

A: While setting up and planning a garage sale may be a great form of exercise, it usually doesn’t translate to a lot of money in your pocket. From the couch you just replaced to that cool jacket you bought on a whim and have only worn a few times, why not make extra cash from those items with only a few clicks on your smartphone? We’ve made selling your gently used stuff easy, fun and profitable. And, getting started is a snap! Simply download AdYoYo, take a quick video of your item, and let the offers roll in.

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