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Prism – Pay All Your Bills For Free – Anytime, Anywhere!

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Startup Prism helps you manage your cash flow by providing a universal mobile app for managing and paying monthly bills. Prism presents all of your bills in a single, convenient hub available on your mobile device, and will alert you if a manual or scheduled payment may overdraft your account. Below is our interview with Rachel Santee from Prism team:

rachel-santeeQ: What is Prism? For those who have never heard of it, tell us something more?

A: Prism is the free app that lets you manage and pay your bills from anywhere. Simply add all of your billers in the app, and we will show you your due date, amount due, and warn you if anything seems amiss. You can then pay your bills directly through app, completely free.

Q: What are the biggest benefits for the users?

A: The app keeps all of your bills in one place, so instead of visiting multiple websites to check due dates and bill amounts, you can view everything in one single app. We’ll remind you when your bills are due, so gone are the days of paying late fees. And since our customers can pay directly from the app, they can manage the entire bill payment process in one place, for free.

Prism – Pay All Your Bills For Free – Anytime, Anywhere

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Q: How private and secure are your users’ information?

A: Very. No sensitive information (like account numbers, credentials, etc.) is stored on the device, and sensitive information is protected in two ways once it gets to us. First, we keep it encrypted, so that even if an attacker got access to any of the information, it would be useless. Second, the data store itself resides in Microsoft’s highly secure cloud service. This service, Windows Azure, is one of the most advanced cloud systems in the world, and the systems on which the data reside are extremely secure, both technically and physically.


Prism startup team

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Q: What’s your revenue model? How are you funded?

A: We’re a well-funded startup with support from A-list investors from Seattle and San Francisco. We’re not currently monetizing, but we are planning to introduce some premium features in the app to help cover the costs of running Prism.

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Q: Prism simplifies how we pay our bills, what are your plans for the future?

A: We recently did a major refresh of the home screen that offers an even deeper level of visibility into your finances. Instead of seeing only your bills, you can now add your paydays in the app and see the effect each bill has on your income. Instead of throwing a bunch of numbers onto the screen, we show the amounts graphically so that budgeting and payment become intuitive. This new experience is currently out on Android and will be coming to iOS soon.

Looking toward the future, we want to be an all-inclusive financial tool for our customers. We started with bill payment because that is the most acute pain point for most Americans, and it was an obvious problem we could solve with technology. We believe that same opportunity exists in all of personal banking, and we want to lead that change.

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