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ProTexting Offers Innovative Way To Engage Audiences And Boost Marketing Campaigns Through Its SMS Marketing Platform

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ProTexting is helping businesses create impactful SMS & MMS campaigns. Its self-managed and enterprise plans (mobile voting, coupons, auto-responders and more) are promising positive returns. The new 3.0 platform with responsive design can accomodate any mobile messaging marketing campaign. Below is our interview with Petar Kassov, Founder & CTO of ProTexting:

Petar Kassov

Q: How would you describe ProTexting in your own words?

A: ProTexting is full service SMS and MMS marketing/communications platform, offering top messaging services to businesses of all sizes. SMS or text message marketing is a rapidly expanding field as mobile devices get more and more popular. We offer one of the most convenient and feature-rich platforms for businesses to reach out to their customers. Texting is now the most efficient way to connect with new and existing customers. People carry around their phones and tablets everywhere. Also, we have to remember that open rates for text messages are much higher than for email. That’s why SMS is such a powerful way to reach people.

Q: You’ve recently released a new interface and dashboard, called ProTexting 3.0; tell us something more?

A: We are dedicated to constantly improving your platform to better serve the needs of our clients. ProTexting 3.0 is our latest version. The changes were largely made in response to our clients’ feedback. It features an upgraded design for easier navigation. It’s now much faster and easier to access information such as schedules, contacts, opt out rates and other elements. Clients can manage everything from the dashboard, whether they need to update billing, access developers’ API or access files. Best of all, accounts can be managed in real time.

The new interface features responsive design, which makes it easy for clients to manage their campaigns from their own mobile devices. Of course, responsive means that they can also work from laptops or desktops if they prefer. Another convenient update is a new notification module, which notifies clients via SMS, email or web of important account information about their accounts and campaigns.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your mobile marketing platform?

A: These are some of the advantage we offer:

• High throughput messaging available to all customers.

• Easy to manage account dashboard, offering simplicity and access to more interactive and advanced features, such as Text 2 Screen, Text 2 Win Campaigns, SMS Loyalty Programs and more.

• International coverage – access to local numbers in over 40 countries.

• Superior support via email and phone that handles every customer request in a detailed manner.

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Q: What are your plans for the next year?

A: We make constant upgrades and improvements. We’ll be launching several new APIs so that our clients can integrate easily with any system. We have plans to fully integrate with Twilio so that any developer using Twilio can easily plugin the numbers into our system and fully utilize the platform. Upcoming updates will also include new and improved iOS and Google Play apps. These will offer even easier access to all accounts on the go and make our services available to more users. Since our messaging volume is constantly increasing, we are also working on a new innovative way to deliver messages even faster.

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Q: What’s the achievement ProTexting is most proud of?

A: We are one of the pioneers in the messaging industry in the USA, and over the years have developed a smart and secure messaging infrastructure to handle any volume and type of messages. We have processed hundred of millions SMS and MMS and were able not only to provide stable and secure messaging infrastructure, but also an easy to manage platform, with over 50 interactive messaging campaigns. Our features and constant upgrades give our clients the ability to get the most out of SMS marketing.

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