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Rentler’s Property Management Platform Helps Set Clear Expectations For Landlords And Tenants

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Rentler is an online property listing and management tool, build for DIY landlords with less than 50 properties. In fact, Rentler is most often used by landlords with only a few properties.

Rentler provides landlords a place to list, accept applications, screen their tenants, and accept rental payments all in one place.

Below is our recent interview with Barton Strawn, Marketing Director at Rentler:

Barton Strawn

Q: What are main benefits for tenants?

A: For tenants, Rentler provides a single application and screening request when they are applying for places to live, meaning they can get approved and moved in faster. Once they move in, they can pay their landlord securely through direct deposit and submit maintenance requests online, making the process simpler for everyone.

Overall, Rentler’s goal is to create an easy-to-use, secure platform, where landlords and tenants have their rental expectations clearly set. As a result, the landlord-tenant relationship can be a positive thing and not something dreaded.

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Q: You’ve recently released improved listings platform for landlords; could you tell us something more?

A: The listings platform has been the core of the Rentler product since the beginning of 5 years ago. Over the past year, the team has been working to create an improved listings experience, especially for the landlords.

We have created a new step-by-step listings flow that makes sure the landlord includes all of the necessary information. It also makes it really easy to accept applications and screen potential tenants right from your active listing.

These applications and screenings are then easily found in the landlord dashboard where you can compare potential tenants and fill your vacancies quicker and with more confidence. All applications are time-stamped, which makes it really easy to follow Fair Housing guidelines.

We’ve also made it possible to add videos to listings, so landlords can provide a more in-depth look at their property when attracting new tenants.

Finally, to make communication smoother, landlords can respond to tenant messages directly from their email now. This means they don’t have to put their contact information on the application, as long as they accept messages through their Rentler listing. We believe this provides another layer of security for landlords when listing their property.

Q: Renting has a bad reputation. How do you make it better?

A: Many forget that a rental agreement is actually a relationship between people. Landlords still own the house and feel ownership over that property, while tenants are looking for a new place to call home. Everyone has a vested interest in the home or condo, and they want it to be the best situation for themselves.

With Rentler, our goal is to create a safe environment for landlords and tenants to work together. We create as much transparency in the process as possible, which help set clear expectations for both tenants and landlords.

By creating an all-in-one solution for applications, screenings, and payments, both landlords and tenants know what they are getting when they sign a lease together. We think this helps improve that landlord-tenant relationship.

Q: Who are the primary users of Rentler and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: We have two main types of users – DIY landlords and tenants.

Landlords typically look at their rental properties as an investment, and they need to make sure that the returns are worth it. The biggest pain points happen when they have extended vacancies or need to evict a tenant. We try to make sure both scenarios never occur by offering an easy way to market their property and thoroughly pre-screen their future tenants.

For tenants, renting has historically been a means to an end. It was just something you had to do until you could buy a house. As that mindset shifts, we’ve found a way to make long-term renting beneficial and rewarding. With Rentler, tenants can report their on-time rent payments to build credit history and pay rent online using credit or debit cards. Everything is in one place, so tenants feel like they have an easy channel of communication when it comes to submitting an application, paying rent, and maintenance issues.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: At the end of the day, it is about continuing to develop a product that simplifies, builds security, and creates clarity for the landlord-tenant relationship.

For landlords, we are planning to launch our Rentability Report soon, which is an in-depth analysis of their local rental area, including how much they should list their rental for.

For tenants, we will be integrating rental insurance into their application process, so they know they are protected if anything happens in their new space.

We also expect to launch updates to our library of lawyer-approved rental forms, which will continue to help with information sharing between landlords and tenants.

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