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SalesOptimize: A Revolutionary B2B eCommerce Market Intelligence And Online Lead Generation Platform

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SalesOptimize is a B2B eCommerce sales lead generation product, and uses proprietary algorithms to identify score online stores which are then sold as sales leads to global businesses. SalesOptimize helps businesses to find their future online customers using revolutionary search engine. Below is our interview with Liz Fulham, CEO and Co-Founder of SalesOptimize:


Q: Liz, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to SalesOptimize?

A: SalesOptimize is a disruptive eCommerce market intelligence and lead generation online platform designed to make it easy for businesses to find their future customers and download pre-qualified sales leads to their CRM. Essentially we fill the sales funnel directly from the Internet.

What is unique to our platform is the specific focus on finding online stores.

We can generate competitor customer information lists for the Shipping, Marketing and Payment industries.

Our technology web bots scan the internet and to date we have identified over 1.7M online stores in over 20 countries. Companies are constantly surprised by the scale of the market coverage we provide. Each day we analyse 10’s millions of web pages and tag all the online stores into our database.

B2B companies can log in to the online platform to size their eCommerce market opportunity and drill down to a list of pre-qualified sales leads. This platform has precision internet filters that allow users to refine their searches by:

• Business country
• Contact data
• Age of website
• Alexa ranking
• Estimated online revenue
• Social Media footprint: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+
• Shopping cart technology
• Payment processor and payment cards
• Shipping company
• Those who ship internationally
• Marketing automation tools and more

There is direct integration into Salesforce. Sales leads can be downloaded in CSV, XLS format to other CRMs.

SalesOptimize customers are typically Payment, Shipping, Logistics, Packaging, Fraud, ICT and Marketing companies. We have customers in USA, UK, France, Germany, Finland & Ireland and acquiring more each day.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using SalesOptimize?

A: The SalesOptimize platform is aimed at companies of all sizes that want to sell products or services to eCommerce online stores.

The E-commerce market is rapidly growing and is estimated to be worth around €1.9 trillion by the end of this year but only 1 per cent of all active websites are online retailers. Using SalesOptimize, companies can quickly find all their sales leads and fill their sales pipelines for the coming months/years.

SalesOptimize has the most comprehensive market coverage of online retailers. We can tell who the biggest merchants are and what services they use. This informs companies whether a website is a good sales prospect or a waste of time.

We can reveal a list of competitors’ customers to payment processors and shipping companies. For marketing agencies the opportunities are huge. We can reveal companies with the biggest (or smallest) social media footprint. Any marketing agency looking to help ecommerce merchants on their marketing functionality can find their market opportunity in seconds.

Technology innovation in this area to date has focused primarily on the CRM aspect rather than on automated lead generation. By filling the top of the sales funnel with high-quality sales leads directly from the internet, as opposed to manual entry or uploading, SalesOptimize is leading the next big wave in sales technology.

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Here’s a snapshot of some of the filters we have available:

Search Functionality

1) Search Bar – Users can search using multiple words or URL. For example: “Leather boots” or “”

2) Sizing Filters – Search by merchant size – Our merchant sizing filter allows users to search by Estimated Online Turnover, Alexa Ranking and Age of the site. This will help users to narrow your search as you can combine all three filters together or select just one to generate a highly qualified list of sales leads.

3) Contact Data – Search for sites where there is both phone number and email contact data. This is perfect for email campaigns. In many cases online retailers do not publish contact data and, instead, use Contact Us forms. In this regard we still include the website in our database as it is still a valuable sales opportunity especially when a website could be generating millions of revenue online.

Add On Filters

4) Social Media Add-On – We added a new Social Media Marketing Add-On feature. This allows you to target online stores with the biggest Facebook likes and twitter followers.

5) Shipping Add-On – The shipping Add-On, now allows you to filter merchants, not only by the shippers declared on their website, but also by evidence of International and Free Delivery, or simply evidence of Shipping.

To identify your competitor’s biggest customers combine the merchant sizing filter with the shipping filter. It could not be easier to see who they are winning and who is driving most of the revenue.


6) Payments Add-On – The payments Add-On allows you to search for evidence of international shipping to identify merchants that are selling in multiple markets which is a good indicator of payment acceptance from other countries.

And here’s an example of all this information pulled into one digestible page:

Take SalesOptimize on a test drive. It’s free and there’s no credit card required.

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Q: Could you tell us more about your pricing?

A: Pricing starts at $599/mth for 400 leads each month for small companies. This price moves up to $1,599/mth for 2,000 leads for our Enterprise accounts.

We have a payments and a shipping Add-On that gives a more in-depth analysis for payment processors and shipping companies targeting online merchants.

We have just launched a new Marketing Add-On that allows users to target online stores based on number of Facebook likes, twitter followers and social media footprint. Add-ons are available at an additional price to the monthly price plan.
Pricing is user based.

Q: What are your plans for the next year?

A: We plan to localize our platform for Europe, Asia and South America.

We have recently launched an eCommerce market share report on the UK shipping industry. This report is available on eCommerce Wiki. The next eCommerce market share report is on the US Shipping industry which is due in November. In the New Year we plan to continue to launch more eCommerce market share reports for more countries and other industries.

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