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Small Business Development Group – Strategic Investments With A Purpose

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There is about to be turmoil in small stocks (under $5) in the U.S. as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has established new parameters that these companies must meet by the end of September 2021 in order to continue to trade their stock. In this interview, Roy Salisbury, CEO of Small Business Development Group (OTC: SBDG) and Brian Jue, Chief Operating Officer, discuss a safety net for publicly traded companies that are facing significant difficulties.

Q: What is SBDG?

Mr. Salisbury: Small Business Development Group is held by C2C Private Investment Company, LLC. Let’s call them C2C PIC. Since 1984, C2C PIC has participated in more than 100 transactions valued from $150,000 to $65 million, including both private and publicly traded companies. Its partners have more than 200 years’ experience.

Q: What are you looking for?

Mr. Jue: SBDG is an aggressive, opportunity driven investor. Our mandate is to identify and acquire small to medium sized companies that feature predictable growth and profitability. The ideal candidate has a value between $2 million and $50 million with positive cash flows of between $500,000 and $5 million.

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Q: What happens to the companies that SBDG acquires?

Mr. Salisbury: These companies need help. SBDG works with them to establish sound business fundamentals and strategies, to drive their revenue and profitability growth. Our goal is to turn the companies we acquire, our portfolio, into high performance industry successes, delivering significant value for their investors.

Q: Then what happens?

Mr. Jue: Our end goal for the public companies we have acquired, when they are ready, is to spin them off as public companies, standing on their own, on the correct path to achievement. Their shareholders will benefit, and our shareholders will also significantly benefit.

Q: What kind of companies has SBDG assisted?

Mr. Salisbury:  Please visit our web site at Our portfolio includes financial and manufacturing companies, agricultural, food and natural resource entities, real estate and media businesses. You can read news releases about our acquisitions there.

Q: What should companies interested in this do?

Mr. Jue: What should potential investors in SBDG do? Roy is correct. Visit our web site. Learn about our team, our mission, SBDG’s investment criteria, our network, our offices all over the country. You can ask questions there.

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