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Smartzer – The Future Of Retail Video Shopping

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Smartzer is an interactive video platform that allows users to make purchases by clicking on items in the videos. UK based startup Smartzer has recently announced $400k in angel funding. Below is our recent interview with Karoline Gross, Founder at Smartzer:

Karoline GrossQ: Smartzer brings rich consumer experiences through shoppable video content, how would you describe Smartzer in your own words?

A: The core technology behind Smartzer is an interactive layer for videos that creates clickable areas inside a video. Instead of just providing this as a simple ‘do it yourself’ piece of technology, we have used it to create innovative, fun and exciting shopping experiences in both online and offline environments. Our shoppable video players allow viewers to find the items they like in seconds through a seamless user experience.

Q: Could you tell us more about Smartzer’s key features?

A: One of our main features is cross compatibility of the video players – the same shoppable video can be displayed on a website, on a touch screen at a store or even as a banner advert, with no additional adjustments.

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Q: What’s your favorite feature?

A: My favourite feature is our wishlist videos that allow to click items in a video to add them to a wishlist as the video carries on playing. Then being able to email this list to yourself for later purchasing through direct links in the email is great.


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Q: How big your team is at the moment and what are your plans for the next six months?

A: Our core team is 5 people at the moment, but we are looking to expand our team fast over the coming year. Over the next 6 months we are focusing on business development in the UK as well as team expansion.

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