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Startup BTC Merchants Helps You Find Bitcoin Merchants In Your City

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Years ago, before we were, we heard the whispers that Bitcoin would become the new exclusive currency of the internet, the go-to digital currency used to buy and sell products and service worldwide. We wanted to believe it, we did believe, but the concept seemed an impossible dream; how in the world could it work in a world of complex electronic monetary exchanges. Well, we watched, we listened and we learned enough to take that risk that Bitcoin would be “the next big thing”. In order for us to do justice to our website, we were cautious to share our vision with only trusted team members; letting the major players carry on with their own journeyand monetary ambitions.

BTC Merchants team

BTC Merchants office

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What came next is worth sharing; the idea was to combine Yellow Pages meets Yelp and that is exactly what we did. We decided to proceed with intelligence and launched realized the best way to participatewas in a big way by creating a specialized worldwide directory listing for Bitcoin merchants, consumers and interested prospects looking to find merchants to spend their hard earned Bitcoins. Merchants large and small, would have “equal opportunity” to claim their listing, create their profile and manage their account. The directory allows consumers to find local Bitcoin businesses and shop in a new and innovative way. The phenomenon of what was predicted is happening and we are excited to have built this platform to help Bitcoin merchants across the globe gain exposure.


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When we acquired the domain name of; development began. The Team went to work and created our website directory, but with a twist. That twist, is our unique Facebook app directory within our Facebook page which is available on our official website under the Premium Plan. This directory app provides merchants a social media experience that builds exposure and creates a social trust experience for the consumer. Consumers will be able to find desired Bitcoin merchants, comment, share with friends and write reviews on the shopping experience; now that is progress!


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Well, the impossible dream is here. We at are working behind the scenes to bring innovative development and features to our website, so stay tuned and we’ll have lots more surprises to share in the coming months!

Written by: Lynn Lacy from BTCMerchants team

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