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Startup Exitintent – Convert Abandoning Users To Customers

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Exitintent helps you to retain exiting users and turn them into a subscribers and potential customers. Below is recent interview with Suhaas Kaul Co-Founder of new startup Exitintent:

Suhaas-kaulQ: Could you tell us your story and something more about exitintent?

A: As a startup founder (founder of, an online platform for visual artists), one of the major challenges I faced was to get and retain more customers. We spent a good amount of money on social media marketing but still we did not see the results as expected. New visitors used to come to our site but no conversions, and the bounce rate was really high. I started reading about this and tried to experiment some ways in which we can retain more customers and stop our marketing dollars from going to waste.

Meanwhile, I met my college friend Gaurav, who had also started a company, and was going through the same problem. We realized that this is pain point of all online ventures around the globe, and thought of solving it. We as a first step created this widget that understood the intent of the user and as soon as a new user is about to leave the site, we showed them a targeted campaign. The campaign varied from asking their email id so that we can inform them about future offers, or simply direct them to discount page, offering them good discounts or free Ebooks. This increased our conversions to 200%.

This is how our startup was born, to tackle one of the major problem of almost all online ventures.


Q: What’s the benefit for the users?

A: is a SaaS platform to increase user retention and drive customer acquisition for small and medium businesses. It can be used in a wide variety of ways to reduce bounce rates for your blogs, websites and have more conversions. It learns the way people browse a site to predict when the user is about to leave and then shows them a targeted campaign. It offers different set of templates carefully designed to reduce the user bounce rates and also gives you an option of customizing the templates. All this can be done in seconds by adding a one line javascript (similar to Google Analytics) to your website.

This saves thousands of your marketing dollars from being wasted.


Q: What’s your monetization plan?

A: We will be charging customers (Website owners) on subscription basis, monthly or annually.

Q: What is your main goal at the moment? When do you plan to launch it?

A: The main goal at the moment is to create a Kick-ass product that will help online ventures/websites retain more customers which is a real pain point for all web start-ups.

Our product will be launched in a couple of weeks from now.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using exitintent?

A: We would let the product do the talking. We have tested it on our own products and it has shown extremely positive effect, and significant user growth. It has been tested on and and the user growth has increased to 200% after using exitintent.

We just want the customers to use it for a week for free and then see its results. There won’t be much convincing to do afterwards :)

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