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The Hyperspace Lighting Company Designs Sound Reactivity Infinity Lighting

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Below is our recent interview with Timothy O’Connor and Dylan Lovinger, co-founders at The Hyperspace Lighting Company:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: The Hyperspace Lighting Company designs art-tech fusions that reflect the endless potential of our technological age – a style that is digital, dynamic, synchronized, and infinite. We are creating sound reactivity infinity lighting that contains a universe of light and space within. Our mission: “to spread infinite light throughout the multiverse.”

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: We have just launched our third crowdfunding campaign for our newest model of ultra-chromatic infinity lighting – The HyperCube Nano. With the collective support of over 1000 backers so far, we successfully achieved our ambitious funding goal within the first 24 hours.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: Our current line of HyperTech is the HyperCube10 and the HyperCube15 – these are larger pieces of infinity art. They are available right now on our website! The HyperCube Nano is the newest version of the HyperCube, still containing a universe of infinite light inside, now in a streamlined and portable form. All HyperCubes have advanced sound reactivity that visualizes the music, scratch resistance, and can be synchronized with each other to create larger art installations and coordinated area lighting. We also have LED strip lighting that syncs with any Hyperspace tech.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: We will be designing new 3D hyper-geometries and 2D versions for wall decor. We will also be releasing battery powered tech to get away from the wires, adding smart home features, and expanding the digital features. The future is luminous.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: Two best friends and the support of the crowdfunding community created Hyperspace. Our company was founded by two best friend scientists/engineers who were inspired by the creative communities of festivals and burning man. With just a prototype they launched a Kickstarter campaign. Over the years over 3000 people have supported this project and brought it into existence. Our work holds this message “Technology will continue to become a bigger part of our lives – and if we design it appropriately, it will be beautiful.”

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