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TrustedHousesitters – Find A Free House And Pet Sitter!

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TrustedHouseSitters is the world’s largest house and pet sitting website. Thinking of going away for a holiday? – TrustedHouseSitters is place where you can find a free house and pet sitter.
Here is recent interview with Andy Peck Founder of TrustedHouseSitters:

Q: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe TrustedHousesitters?

A: is a website for people who are going on vacation and need someone to look after their home and pets while they’re away. The site works on a win-win basis, with the majority of our members happy to house sit for others for free.

Our members house sit for free, in exchange for a great place to stay. It’s not uncommon for someone based in New York to take on a house sit in San Diego, for example. In exchange for walking the dog, feeding the cat, watering the plants (or whatever the homeowner asks of them while they’re away), they get to stay for free. It’s a great exchange for both parties and for the pets involved.

Q: Where did the idea for TrustedHousesitters come from?

A: A few years ago I came across an advert for a family in Northern Spain who needed someone to come and look after their dog Dave and their property while they went on vacation. At the time I was working as a writer and a few weeks in sunny Spain seemed like the ideal location to finish off a manuscript I had been working on. I got in touch with the family and a few weeks later I was in Spain with Dave the dog, house sitting.

While I was there house sitting I realised there were potentially thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of home and pet owners who would like someone like himself to live in their home and keep an eye on things while they were away. I started talking to other homeowners and putting together a plan for the website and in late 2010 launched.


Q: What is your business focus?

A: We’re really just focusing on one thing (and getting that one thing right) and that’s home and pet sitting. There are hundreds of thousands of pet owners around the world who don’t want to put their pets into kennels when they go away. Cats in particular don’t like change and so having a sitter come stay in your home and look after your pets in an environment that’s familiar to them is far, far better for the pet’s well-being.

While there are plenty of start-ups out there trying to tackle the dog boarding market, we believe we’ve got an alternative that’s better, cheaper and more pet-friendly.

Q: What is your main goal at the moment?

A: With summer on the horizon, we’re working hard to get the word out about and the fact that people don’t need to put their pets into kennels this year, they can get a sitter for free. The more homeowners we get using the site, the more house sitting opportunities there are for everyone.

We’re getting talked about a lot now which helps a lot.

Q: What we can expect from TrustedHousesitters in the future?

A: Expect loads more house sitting opportunities like these. Some of the previous homes that have come up have included beach houses in California, townhouses in London, vineyards in France and penthouses in New York. We’ve even had a few in far flung locations like Botswana, India and Russia.

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