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Turning Domains Into Digital Real Estate With DLORD: New Crypto Currency Backed Up With Digital Assets Launching This Month

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Written by Digital Landlord team:

DLORD offers investors a unique opportunity to participate in a business model generating revenue globally from a portfolio of internet domains. *NO OTHER* crypto or conventional financial product provides investors with exposure to this asset class.

Digital Landlord aims to give investors a new asset class – digital property. DLORD is using a business model structured with maximum legal transparency.

DLORD token is backed by a growing proprietary portfolio of internet domains.

The rapidly expanding audience for cryptocurrencies resulted in explosive growth in the number of new coins/tokens and highly inflated valuations. The problem is that the majority of these coins have no underpinning collateral.

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The few exceptions are called stable coins that are backed by assets like fiat currencies or other digital assets. However, very often, fiat-backed cryptocurrencies are unable to produce any audited evidence of fiat assets backing the coins. Overall, backing up crypto by fiat currencies or physical assets does not make much sense as it has already been done successfully in the traditional markets with financial products such as ETFs.

The DLORD project has been registered in Estonia with representative offices in the UAE, Portugal and Azerbaijan.

DLORD is represented by Rafik Abasov, Nazim Karam and other ex-investment bankers, the Senior Financial Professionals with cumulative experience over 100 years with major international financial institutions in global financial centers.

Rafik Abasov is a professional trader, investor, with previous experience in HSBC/BNP Paribas/Barclays Bank as the Managing Director, Global Head of Fund Derivatives trading with GBP 20+ billions portfolio, where His portfolio was 10% of Barclays debt issuance.

Nazim Karam is an ex-investment banker, investor, with previous experience in HSBC/Credit Agricole/Morgan Stanley as the Executive Director in charge of Sales for several countries. He is also the Deputy Chairman of the Banking, Finance & Insurance Committee of American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan and the Co-Chairman of the Tax, Legal And Finance Committee of Azerbaijan-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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