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VERB Takes The Lofty Goals You’ve Been Struggling To Tackle And Breaks Them Down Into Manageable Moves

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Below is our recent interview with Vincent Miceli, Founder & CEO at VERB:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to VERB?

A: Verb takes the lofty goals you’ve been struggling to tackle and breaks them down into manageable moves. With a focus on health and wellness, we push accountability to the forefront through daily check ins on our SMS platform. Verb is designed to help you talk though your daily choices and better understand the habits that lead you to success. For $4.99 a month, Verb will help you track your nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress while pushing you to find the patterns in what’s working and what’s not. Micro actions, macro mindset- move yourself towards your goals one choice at a time.

Q: How did VERB change your life?

A: Verb made clear that each choice was my own to make. It showed me that I had the responsibility to select the action that led to the most desirable outcome no matter the situation. This type of introspection and self analysis changed the way I communicate with myself and the world. Focused attention and daily documentation reshaped how I frame every interaction, down to the minute.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using your app?

A: We all struggle to hold ourselves accountable all of the time. Verb’s role is to help you find the answers to your own questions, help you examine the why behind your actions, help you find the purpose in your daily habits. Verb is designed to help you understand you. There is so much we are told by others, so much we tell ourselves, that simply derails us from what we truly want out of life. Verb will help you take control of your own narrative so the only one writing the script is you.

Q: What are your core principles?

A: Openness.

Being willing to get real with yourself, admit your role in the cycle you’re stuck in and be open to change is a fundamental principle within Verb and myself. Truly being open requires trust, and that is why Verb is built with privacy at the forefront. Verb is built to collect data, a lot of it, but the data is for you and only you. Verb will never sell, distribute, or share the information gathered in order to maintain the trust and security needed for the vulnerability real work takes.


Through my own journey, it’s become clear time is the most valuable commodity we as humans can offer. I live by the credo ‘don’t waste a minute’ and have used this principle to guide my decisions each day. Verb is not designed to promote the endless scrolling, overconsumption, and task avoidance that comes with technology today. Verb is designed to help you see the value in your time and take ownership of each minute you could have wasted.


No one’s journey is the same. We each have different needs, different road blocks, different drives- but we each have a purpose. Through this journey, my purpose has been made clear- to help others see the potential in themselves. To help others make the changes in their lives that best align them with their own purpose. There is no secret formula- only you can do the work. Verb is here to help you figure out the why behind each choice and the purpose for all that you do.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Verb’s current platform is designed to interact with you via text to document your progress on your health and wellness journey daily. As you grow, so will we- with the goal of creating a platform that allows for the reflective dialogue you have on our platform with yourself. No one knows you better than you know yourself. In the future, we plan to provide users with the technology needed to truly learn from the stories they tell themselves.

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