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Vital4 Raises $1.1 Million In Additional Funding To Expand Product Innovation And Growth Internationally

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Below is our recent interview with Amy Barbieri, Co-Founder at Vital4:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Vital4?

A: Vital4 is a Woman owned, Atlanta based cloud software company that is disrupting the global screening and compliance industry through AI driven technology. Vital4 emerged during a time when the two female founders, working in the global screening and compliance space, recognized several major gaps in the market. The reality is that the legacy providers are still using a highly manual process and there was a lack of transparency when it came to the data. It wasn’t working for the consumers any longer. Vital4 set out with one mission; to tirelessly perfect due diligence through technology. We are the only company in the world that provides a SaaS platform that can be used for both pre-employment background screening and global due diligence and services a variety of industries. We are the first company to utilize Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to provide a fully automated process that we use to collect, update and store the data for these industries. Because of this, we have 4 key benefits; faster, more accurate, lower pricing, more compliant. These 4 key benefits are what inspired the name “VITAL4”.

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Q: You’ve recently announced $1.1m in Venture Round???; could you tell us something more?

A: In an effort to keep up with the growing demands of our products and technology, Vital4 received $1.1 million in additional funding to expand product innovation and growth internationally. We found that Vital4 was drawing high demand very quickly and this is the perfect time to expand in our geographical footprint, client base and continue to enhance product features and develop new products on our roadmap. We chose to partner with Access Capital, the private equity arm of Berkley Capital, as they were able to provide us with a financing solution that specifically fit our needs. We explored many other funding options, and this was the best fit to help facilitate our next phase of growth.

Q: What kind of data do you provide your customers with and how big is your database?

A: We stay away from the term database, as we do store millions and millions of negative media articles, etc. we refresh our data so that it is compliant and up to date, so we tend to stay away from that term as database info is often perceived as out of date and not compliant

Think of our platform as a giant search engine that looks at 10’s of thousands of global data sources every day checking for business entities and or individuals that may be named on watch lists, sanctioned from doing business for various reasons, associated with a negative media article anywhere in the world, and we also identify Politically exposed people (PEP’s), their family members and their business associates. This component is particularly critical to financial services as they are under strict guidelines for identifying PEP’s since they posed a heightened risk. Vital4 also has forged partnerships to include ID validation and customer/employee onboarding through biometrics also driven by AI.

You might be wondering more specifically what we are looking for and what kind of data we gather. Here is a small sample: entities and subjects who are associated with; Bribery and corruption, money laundering, terrorism, organized crime, embezzlement, narcotics and firearms trafficking, environmental crimes, insider trading, human trafficking, sex offenders, tax evasion, terrorist financing, securities fraud, animal rights abuse, doctors, nurses or any healthcare workers with negative licensure status or disciplinary actions, etc. you get the picture….

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our plans are to continue to grow the company and focus on innovation through technology. We have an incredible team who are experts in the industry, and all our current and future growth would not be possible without them. We will continue to strive to create a culture that keeps our incredible talent and helps us to attract new talent. Most importantly we will continue our mission to develop and perfect the most cutting-edge solutions in the industry. Honestly, we just want to make the world a safer place and make it easy and affordable for everyone to achieve that.

Last Updated on July 14, 2019

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