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Wizylist – Effective Workflow Management Tool

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Wizylist is effective workflow management tool, it helps you to follow and trace the status of tasks, requests and files. Here is recent interview with Jose Nicomedez from Wizylist team:

Q: Tell us what your startup does?

A: Wizylist allows any organizations (it could be a company, an association, or even within a family, why not?) to track and follow tasks to do. You set as many steps as you want from the start of the task to the completion of the task and assign one person per step.
Roughly, it simplifies the workflow management. It allows you to keep a track on any tasks’ progress.

Q: Where did the idea for your business come from?

A: In the beginning, we created this web application for our own use, for our business. We are an IT company specializing in web development. We made this platform to facilitate communication with our clients.

Here’s what the workflow looked like: the client makes his request (ex: I want a chat feature on my website) -> we draw up a quote -> the client validates (or does not validate) the quote -> we start developing and submit a first version of their project on a test website -> they validate the version on the test website and give us the go to publish it on the public website -> we publish the new feature on the public website -> everyone is happy.

This tool improved our relationship with our clients, it allows us both to maximize our time and also keep an eye on the evolution of a task. We thought this might help build trust between other companies and their clients, so we decided to make it public.

Q: What’s your revenue model?

A: So far we haven’t thought about a revenue model, we firstly focus on the relevance of our product. We want to see if our product appeals, if people would actually need it and most of all use it. We are considering launching it in a freemium version. But at this stage of our project, we are mostly customer-oriented.

Q: Are you looking for partnership opportunities or funding?

A: We are open to any opportunities that will come up to us.

Q: What is your main goal at the moment?

A: At the moment, our main goal is to attract as many users as possible and get their feedback. We’re still in the beta stage so we want to know the major changes we need to apply before going a step further: We manage our project with a lean startup state of mind.

Q: How do you see future of Wizylist?

A: We hope Wizylist will be successful and recognized among users. As long as our application facilitates communication and builds trust between organizations, we will be satisfied.

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