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All-In-One Human Resource Management System Lanteria HR Manages The Entire Lifecycle Of Your Organization’s Workforce

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Below is our recent interview with Mike Ament, Lanteria’s Account Executive:

Q: Please describe Lanteria HR in your own words. How it differs from other HR solutions on the market today?

A: At Lanteria we believe that each company is unique. We have designed our HR Platform to provide a customizable environment where both HR & the individual team members can collaborate based upon their specific business workflows and company requirements.

Having an HR Solution that does not match up with your business model is counterproductive and an extremely expensive investment in both money and team resources. Lanteria HR was designed to specifically address both these very important issues.

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1) Our solution is modular offering our clients the ability to pick and choose either a complete HRIS integrated solution today or individual modules based upon their specific requirements that later can be expanded in the future.

Lanteria HR Modules Include:

• Core HR – Automate essential HR processes, visualize the company’s org structure and create a central storage of employee records and documents
• Time & Attendance – Set up the company absence policies, track and approve employee leave records, and register the time spent on various activities
• Recruiting Management – Unify and automate the entire recruitment process to ensure you get the right people on board
• Performance Management – Unify and automate the entire recruitment process to ensure you get the right people on board
• Learning Management – Develop employees’ skills and competencies by planning and delivering targeted training programs, managing compliance and tracking certification
• Employee Self Service & Management Reporting allow each employee to access the system to update their information or access important company information. Managers can create customized reports for compliance management or business analysis using advance BI Tools.

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2) Being a completely modular solution Lanteria HR allows our clients to choose and pay for only the modules that they need saving money by not investing in tools that they do not need.

3) Lanteria HR is a customizable HR Solution allowing our clients to better align their business workflows and industry specific language within the solution. This ability creates a very high level of end user adoption while offering HR professionals relief from labor intensive tasks with automated workflows and employee self service capabilities.

Q: What are the main issues your customers aim to solve with Lanteria?

A: Lanteria provides an integrated comprehensive human resource solution that manages the entire lifecycle of the organization’s workforce from hire to retire. This unified platform eliminates individual information silos, providing a single source for HR management, BI and compliance data reporting.

Lanteria HR is the system of record for every interaction between management and their employees. This capability provides seamless information transfer to management and connects employee collaboration, performance, compensation, learning, documentation storage and recruiting management within a single database for easy reporting / compliance management all wrapped up in an easy to use automated solution.

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Q: This year you received a Microsoft Gold Partner status, what does this means to you and, more important, for your clients?

A: Achieving the level of Microsoft Gold Partner indicates that we have achieved an exceptional level of Microsoft expertise. This provides our clients with a company dedicated to supporting the Microsoft Platform with an experienced team capable of building and supporting Lanteria’s seamless integration with Microsoft Products that they already use in their daily activities.

Our clients appreciate our dedication to the Microsoft Platform which insures that their infrastructure investment is secure and futureproof as we continue our product development in alignment with Microsoft’s future technology roadmap.

Q: What are your plans for the future? Any product updates you’re going to implement?

A: Lanteria will be launching our Private Cloud Service providing our clients with an improved level of web hosting services as well as integration into third party services such as LinkedIn and Indeed. We are working on adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our platform as well as rolling out our new mobile application this year.

We continually receive valuable feedback and suggestions from our clients which are carefully reviewed by our HR and technical teams for inclusion into our product development roadmap. These suggestions often contain HR best practices which when implemented increase all of our clients HR business maturity with this shared expertise.

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