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Amanda Jo Of Organic Bunny Shares Top Reasons Why People Are Turning To Green Beauty Products

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Today, many makeup wearers are looking for healthy alternatives to drugstore and department store brands. Makeup products can be toxic, and the skin is very absorbent. Using “dirty” makeup products can lead to clogged pores, acne, and possibly other serious health problems down the road. While the concentration of harmful products in drugstore and department store brands is low, these products can build up in your system over time.

Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny has dedicated her career to bringing natural beauty products home to women everywhere. Her website features the best natural beauty brands with helpful blog articles on how to make them work for you.

Here are six reasons why women should choose natural makeup products, compiled by Amanda Jo.

1. No Harmful Ingredients

Natural makeup is free of dangerous synthetic ingredients like parabens, artificial fragrances, phthalates, and hidden carcinogens like toluene and formaldehyde. Since the skin is so absorbent, these ingredients are easily taken into the body.

Parabens are preservatives used in many drugstore brands. They are linked to hormone disruption during pregnancy. This could cause serious birth effects. Parabens are also dangerous for young makeup wearers whose reproductive systems are still developing.

Artificial fragrances are in most drugstore makeup products. These products produce odors that can cause migraine headaches. Makeup users should avoid not only artificial fragrances but also products that are “unscented.” These products usually have artificial fragrances that are used to cover up the smell of the product.

Another problem ingredient that is in many drugstore makeup brands is chemical sunscreen such as oxybenzone. This ingredient is a hormone disruptor like parabens.

Phthalates are dangerous industrial chemicals. They are used to soften PVC plastic. They are also used as solvents in cosmetics. These chemicals can damage the kidneys, liver, lungs, and reproductive systems.

Prenatal exposure to phthalates can harm baby boys’ reproductive tract development. They are also linked to lower neurodevelopment, hyperactivity, and attention disorders.

Toluene is used in paint, paint thinners, aviation gasoline, detergents, spot removers, rubber, and antifreeze. It is also used in fingernail polish and other personal care products. Toluene can cause skin and eye damage. In large quantities, the vapors can cause nausea, unconsciousness, headaches, and even death.

Formaldehyde is another chemical preservative that is often used in shampoo and baby soaps. This chemical keeps microbes from appearing in water-based products. This chemical is absorbed through the skin and can lead to cancer and allergic skin reactions.

Natural makeup products are carefully formulated to avoid these hazardous ingredients. If you want to protect your health, natural makeup is the way to go.

2. Lower Risk of Skin Irritation and Acne

“Dirty” makeup products can cause skin irritation and acne. The harsh chemical ingredients cause inflammation and dryness which can lead to other skin problems. In addition, chemicals used in drugstore makeup clog pores and cause acne.

3. Safe for Sensitive Skin

Many natural makeup users switch away from drugstore brands because they have sensitive skin. Since natural makeup does not contain hazardous ingredients, it is more likely to agree with all skin types and textures.

4. Contains Healthy Ingredients for Skin

Natural makeup products contain healthy ingredients like avocado oil, aloe vera, shea butter, rosehip oil, and jojoba oil. These ingredients have antioxidant, skin-repairing, and anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Just as Effective as Drugstore Brands

Some users of drugstore makeup may be hesitant to switch away from their favorite products because they believe the natural products won’t work as well. Luckily, natural makeup brands are made to be just as effective as familiar brands. In many cases, they may even be better, since they carry higher amounts of pigments.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Natural makeup is also environmentally friendly. The packaging is one place to start. Natural makeup packaging is often recyclable, made from paper or glass. Plastics are used less frequently than in drugstore and department store brands.

The ingredients used in natural beauty products are also more environmentally sensitive. Reducing the number of petroleum products used in makeup can help the environment. Bio-based products are better for makeup wearers’ health as well as the environment.

Using Natural Makeup is Best

Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny warns makeup users to stay away from dangerous products. Reading the label is key. When makeup users want to check their products for safety, the easiest way is to use the Think Dirty app. This app analyzes your makeup and tells you whether or not it is safe to use.

People who use non-natural beauty products shouldn’t panic. The concentration of harmful ingredients in beauty products is low, but it can add up over time. Changing one product at a time is a good way to “green” your makeup bag while staying within your budget.

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