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An Interview With Monika Weber, CEO At Fluid-Screen

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Fluid-Screen is challenging the way bacterial testing is conducted today. Fluid-Screen uses microchip technology to quickly and accurately analyze bacteria. Below is our recent interview with Monika Weber, CEO at Fluid-Screen:

Q: What makes your product so revolutionary?

A: For the past 130 years, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have relied on growing bacterial cultures in a petri dish, which is slow and can be inaccurate, directly impacting the health of individuals. We are looking to establish a new industry standard.

Q: What is your backstory? How did your company come into being?

A: While completing my PhD studies at Yale, I began to question why bacteria related illnesses occurred so frequently and took so long to treat. Typically, in order to detect bacterial contamination, samples must be cultured for a few days in a petri dish in a laboratory. That whole process takes days. I recognized how early detection could have a real impact on people’s lives and I felt the work I was doing could be relevant in providing a solution. Through my research, I developed a method for concentrating and identifying bacteria in fluid samples. Most importantly, the technology could identify bacteria in minutes with greater than 99% accuracy. I launched Fluid-Screen to continue this important work.

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Q: What does your company advocate through its product? What is the vision, concept, ethics, values and promises upon which the company is built?

A: Fluid-Screen advocates for improving the health of individuals, by streamlining bacterial detection. We also are looking to help pharmaceutical companies accelerate the development and manufacturing of new therapeutics and improve their quality control processes. We believe that people and companies make better decisions when they have access to the right information. These decisions impact health, the well-being of families and enables companies to work more efficiently.

Q: How do you demonstrate your product’s legitimacy and effectiveness?

A: Fluid-Screen has a fantastic team of scientists and engineers who really believe in the mission of the company. We’ve been able to replicate our success in over 3,000 experiments. We have ten partnerships with corporations and have conducted 18 commercial pilots.

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Q: What makes you and your product stand out within the biotech industry? What’s next for Fluid-Screen? Where do you see your company in the next 3-5 years?

A: There is no other company doing what we’re doing with our level of success. In the near term, we plan to launch our first pre-commercial system and deliver these systems to pharmaceutical companies that are looking to make their product development and manufacturing processes safer and more efficient. Our solution has applicability across so many industries: water, food, cosmetics, we’re looking to expand into these areas. My goal however is working with the healthcare industry to bring the benefits of our product directly to patients. When this happens, Fluid-Screen will have achieved its mission.

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