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An Interview With The Founder & CEO Of e-Cobalt Investing, Mitch DiRaimondo

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Below is our recent interview with Mitch DiRaimondo, the Founder & CEO of e-Cobalt Investing:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to e-Cobalt Investing?

A: e-Cobalt Investing is a quantitative-based digital asset fund based in San Francisco that was founded in 2018. ECI’s core focus is creating consistent risk-adjusted returns for investors looking to allocate capital into the quickly growing cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology space. The team has spent the last two years conducting research, experimenting with the market, and hypothesis testing to prove its concept under strong mentorship from established figures in the Silicon Valley. e-Cobalt has consistently generated significant alpha through the use of its proprietary trading algorithm over all market conditions. The founding team, who will graduate from college this year, have had great exposure to the crypto sphere from a young age and understand the impact it will have on the up and coming generation.

Q: Do you see blockchain technology as a global game changer and why?

A: The e-Cobalt team firmly believes that blockchain technology will play a pivotal role in the future of our economy through impact in how the world interacts, communicates, and exchanges on a monetary level. Blockchain technology has proven its potential to revolutionize data storage, tracking, and retrieving. Enthusiasts see its utility and understand its impacts on the future of data management. While our team believes in the future of blockchain technology, expansion and adoption will not occur overnight; however, ECI fully expects that the underperformance period will be much shorter than any prior technological revolution. Additionally, as time passes, the magnitude and number of projects will increase in the space. ECI believes that, as with any birth-stage industry, there will be some winners and many losers. If the ideology of a technology platform that a particular ‘coin’ is stapled to is poorly conceived or executed, the platform will fail, and the coin will likewise fail as well. Similarly if the ideology is excellent and the execution is excellent and there is mass adoption by the public, the coin will explode in value because the public will perceive that there is immense utility. Above all, the blockchain space is a tight community that fosters collaboration and innovation, which, when combined, adds up to accelerated growth and prosperity.

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Q: What’s your investment philosophy?

A: e-Cobalt’s investment philosophy is rooted in creating long-term consistent risk-adjusted returns for investors utilizing a unique, defensive approach with a focus on proper diversification. The founding partners vision surrounding the creation of the project were to provide traditional investors safe exposure into the highly volatile cryptocurrency markets. ECI’s investment strategy is centered around algorithmic and quantitative based approaches that takes advantage of the inherent volatility of the crypto markets. The team also allocates a portion of its strategy to “hand picked” investments which it leverages with the relationships it has within the space and the raw knowledge and experience it has over the market. ECI’s investment strategy is dynamic and multifaceted, as it caters to both advanced and more traditional approaches that are needed to excel in the quickly changing cryptocurrency market. The investment strategies have consistently and significantly outperformed the crypto markets during periods of bear or neutral market sentiment. Likewise, the strategies have been able to take advantage of the market lift during periods of bullish sentiment.

Q: I read something about your fund launch – could you tell us something more about it? When can we expect it?

A: Due to the recent disturbance to capital markets because of the ongoing health crisis, e-Cobalt is expecting to launch our first fund around Fall / Winter of 2020. During this fundraising effort the team has established a goal of raising between 5-20 mil from investors.

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Q: What is on the roadmap for e-Cobalt Investing moving forward?

A: Moving forward the team has several key interests on its radar, which range from continuing its algorithmic development and raising an initial fund to finding channels to connect with more up and coming projects. The most integral component of ECI’s strategy lies in its algorithmic developments, which is something the team is constantly updating and optimizing. Fully embracing every element of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is a vital piece of ECI’s identity, thus the team is focused on finding unique ways to incorporate such elements into its financial instruments via its algorithmic development ventures. Moreover, the team feeds off of the tight knit blockchain community and capitalizes on every opportunity it has to gain contacts in the space. In the past, the team has attended events like Blockchain Week SF but is seeking to expand its connections beyond the borders of the United States; a major focus for ECI is to forge ties with individuals and projects across Europe and Asia as it nears its anticipated fund launch. Above all, the team is working to grow the capabilities and reach of the project as it continues to move forward.

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