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Andy Lally ALIVE Delivers An Ecosystem Of Customized Solutions, And Services To Support The Automotive And Motorsport Industry

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Below is our recent interview with Tori Drach, from Andy Lally ALIVE:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Andy Lally ALIVE?

A: Andy Lally ALIVE is a digital marketing and technology company that delivers an ecosystem of customized solutions, services, and unique marketing and technology products that support the automotive and motorsports industries. We serve fans and enthusiasts looking for a cohesive experience in their passionate pursuits, as well as businesses looking to reach the unique audiences that the automotive and racing industries represent. The Andy Lally ALIVE product suite includes:

• Track Rabbit – An automotive and motorsports event registration and administration platform within a comprehensive marketing ecosystem.
• Awesome Joe Auctions – The online auction platform for modified, motorsport, classic, exotic, and other commodity autos for collectors, racers, and hobbyists.
• MotorCrush – A free app that lets the modern car, truck, or bike enthusiast create their digital garage and connect in real time to others in the community.

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Q: What is Awesome Joe Auctions? Can you tell us something more? How are you different?

A: One of ALIVE’s three key products, Awesome Joe Auctions, is a platform for buyers and sellers to auction modified, motorsport, classic, exotic, and other commodity autos. It offers a streamlined selling and purchasing experience while ensuring the safety of online transactions through a network of top-notch partners in appraisals, insurance, transportation, and more, including Grundy Insurance, Lockton Motorsports, Montway Auto Transport, and Auto Appraisal Group.

Our value proposition is based on free unless sold, which is the same philosophy as our partners at Carlisle Auctions. We are just getting started at Awesome Joe Auctions. As we increase our operations and new buying and selling features, our value proposition will only continue to expand and grow.

Q: How does Track Rabbit work?

A: As a marketing, administration, and registration engine for motorsports organizations, Track Rabbit was built to support the backbone of the industry—tracks, schools, and clubs—with a feature-rich platform and marketing support, for a fraction of the cost of other, older platforms. Drivers who are interested in joining a driving club, taking their vehicle on track for the first time, advancing their skills, or getting straight to racing are able to sign up and get on track through our aggregate site, Further, clients can retain their current customers through a uniquely branded, white label platform (see at no extra cost.

We have built strong implementation, customer service, and account management teams that work directly with clients to add features and enhancements that support their experience and/or business in its entirety. Track Rabbit is the backbone of our product ecosystem, as it is fed by, and feeds to, both our social network, MotorCrush, as well as our auction platform, Awesome Joe Auctions, to build a connected network for enthusiasts. We do not charge anything more than the transaction fees directly from our payment processor, furthering our goal of supporting our clients and helping the industry grow.

Q: What can we expect from Andy Lally ALIVE in the future?

A: In just three years since its official debut, Andy Lally ALIVE has launched and optimized three major products. With this strong industry and technological foundation, future opportunities are practically endless. We have an exciting list of features and ancillary products from clients, partners, customers, and internal subject matter experts that we can pursue. Even more exciting are our recent technology updates, which allow us to integrate with almost any technology partner that might complement and enhance our products and the industry at large. Stay tuned! We’re excited to reveal what’s next.

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Q: What’s something about Andy Lally ALIVE that people might not know?

A: The brand was born when professional sports car champion and five-time 24 Hours of Daytona winner Andy Lally met Dave Atadan, Founding Partner of Trellist Marketing and Technology, at a track day at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Soon after, the two joined forces with Lance Miller, Co-owner of renowned Carlisle Events, completing the trifecta of business-to-industry expertise. Our founders have endless ideas for bettering the industry and are excited to continue pursuing what they’ve begun. Our name reflects their vision: ALIVE stands for Andy Lally Innovations, Ventures, and Experiences.

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