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Anointed Press Graphics Helps Authors, Entrepreneurs And Businesses Build Strong Brands Through Print And Digital Media

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Below is our recent interview with Karen Presley, President of Anointed Press Graphics:

Q: Can you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Anointed Press Graphics, Inc.?

A: Anointed Press Graphics, Inc., also known as APGI is a Christian based company that was formed through a spoken word and is an active member in the community. Anointed Press Graphics started doing business in January 2003, as a home-based business. Today APGI is a full service printing publishing company located in Cheltenham, Maryland but service the Mid-Atlantic area. We design, print and publish an array of products upon request by the customer. An added value to the customer is APGI’s demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the field of graphic design, printing, book publishing and websites. APGI carries an A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau and a 5 Star on our Google reviews.

Q: Can you give us insight into your services?

A: Celebrating over 15 years of excellent service, APGI has helped authors, entrepreneurs and businesses BUILD STRONG BRANDS through print and digital media. Our services consist of:

•Custom Design Services – Our process is simple – explain your idea to us and we’ll apply our creativity to bring that idea to life. In a collaborative effort, our ideas are brought together to produce a high quality product that exemplifies the reputation of the client.

•Branding Services – We offer smart branding solutions for start-up and small businesses. We will help you WOW your customers and distinguish yourself from the competition.

•Printing Services – There is still value in professional printed products. We have a well-established reputation for our high quality printed products and services. (Flyers, postcards, brochures, stationary, bookmarks, presentation folders, business cards, NCR forms, programs, funerals, anniversary programs, magazines and more).

•Publishing Services – We are a full-service, self-publishing company that provides ALL publishing services from beginning to end. We know it’s both exciting and scary to publish your own books, so we walk you through every step of the process. We work for you, so we provide you the services you need when you need them.

•Website Services – Your organization deserves a great website. We specialize in custom websites for businesses, non-profits, and churches. We specialize in a collaborative effort that produces high quality custom websites created to your specs. We give you creative input and multiple previews of your website before you go live.

•Fax, Copy, NOTARY Services – our neighborhood customers has notated that we offer value to the neighborhood by offering services that is in the neighborhood.

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Q: What makes you the smart branding solution for start-ups and small businesses?

A: Graphic designers can be expensive. Some companies spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for a simple logo design. Your marketing material is speaking on your behalf. It speaks before you meet the customer and after you leave them. Drawing on our vast experience in the printing and brand management, APGI assist you in bringing the message home to your clients. Whether you are branding your business or sharpening your existing one, our team can assist you with developing the perfect approach that captures your audience. All we need is your information. We also take great care to work within our client’s budgets.

Q: Who are your primary clients and what makes you stand out from other print shops?

A: APGI’s primary clients consist of authors, entrepreneurs, ministries, small businesses as well as customers who are in need of custom projects. We assist our customers with taking their business or ministries to the next level. Not only do we assist with their print and digital presentation, but we also assist with coaching service and workshops to help develop the understanding of what it takes to build a strong backend system. Many of our success stories comprise of customers being made to feel comfortable and informed in their new journey of business or publishing. Many customers have stated that APGI doesn’t just do the job, but they help bring to fruition what they are looking for, but can’t quite articulate. What makes us different is we really are a “One Stop Shop!” We offer graphics, printing, publishing, websites, fax, copy, and notary services. We also assist our clients with business coaching and development, workshops, and ministry services. We have a host of resources to assist the customer who is also in transition to expanding their borders, but not quite sure what is on the other side of their leap forward.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Proverbs 29:18a says, “Where there is NO vision, the people perish.” From our inception, God has continued to increase and expand Anointed Press Graphics services and territory. Starting with only one printer to a full service printing publishing shop, we will continue to expand our services as we continue to expand the building to house the growth. We plan on increasing our sphere of influence to help people build businesses that will outlast them and change the marketplace.

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