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bvoip – A Channel-Only VoIP Service Company Designed To Help MSPs Finally Achieve A Reliable Communications Solution

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bvoip was born from an IT managed services provider (MSP) as a channel only company designed specifically to fill the gap in the Unified Communications category in its space. Below is our recent interview with George Bardissi, President & CEO at bvoip:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe bvoip?

A: bvoip was born from an IT managed services provider (MSP) as a channel only company designed specifically to fill the gap in the Unified Communications category in our space. We solve two primary challenges for IT firms around the global. First, we interconnect with many of the tools, systems, and platforms that MSP’s rely on to run their businesses on a daily basis into our VoIP platform in a contact center style delivery. This dramatically increases efficiency, automation, and customer experience. Second, we offer a VoIP and Unified Commutations solution that MSP’s can adopt, standardize, and deliver as part of their broader service catalog so that they can benefit from the time savings and profitability this solution creates.

Q: You’ve recently released new IT glue VoIP integration with 1Stream platform; could you tell us something more?

A: IT & Managed Service Providers have a lot of moving parts, systems, and tools and generally spend a lot of time looking up information in various places in order to start working on solving an issue. Together with IT Glue, bvoip can dramatic reduce the time front line staff spend handling incoming calls by instantly presenting customer specific documentation, passwords, assets, and KB articles in IT Glue as each team member fields a call. Simply put, less time burn and consistent service delivery equals happier customers, happier employees, and higher profitability.

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Q: Why bvoip? What makes you the best choice?

A: For IT & MSP’s, there are a lot of options out there that make the phone ring. However, making the phone ring is not new and is more or less a commodity. The general issue with most of the options and offerings out there is that reseller or partner programs are “me-too” and are not actually designed for the IT & MSP vertical at all. bvoip is different in that we designed and built our entire company to serve this vertical. All of our R&D and investments go into dramatically enhancing the capabilities and offerings that the IT & MSP’s of the world truly need to adopt, standardize, and thrive without having to sacrifice profitability and customer experience to some large big box provider. We offer the control, flexibility, and functionality that most others don’t care to spend their time on.

Q: What types of solutions do you provide to your clients?

A: bvoip offers the full blown phone system platform in the cloud. This solution is not one size fits all and bvoip partners can intermix different options in every category.

Such as:

– what phones they want to use
– how to connect to outside dial tone providers
– if they want sms, fax, webmeeting
– If they want headsets and apps vs physical devices
– if they want to connect to overhead paging systems, front door panels, etc

bvoip also offers a strong integration and contact center offering to solve for things like:

– deep integration to the line-of-business app you may be using such as a CRM, ERP, PSA
– Strong reporting, wallboarding, dashboard
– intelligent workflow based solutions around automatic tracking of calls, call recording uploads, smart call transfer, and more

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Q: Can you give us any hints as to what else we might expect to see from bvoip this year?

A: We have an aggressive roadmap ahead of us. You will see more integrations with more vendors in our ecosystem. You will see tie ins to other popular collaboration platforms. You will see continued concentration on our workflow based solutions to help bring more efficiency, transparency, and functionality. Lastly, we are working on overhauling our various systems into a more comprehensive UI. Along with that overhaul will be a number of security enhancements to make sure we give our partners the ability to granularly control their systems, accounts, and overall experience.

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