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Digital Marketing Agency New Paradigm Marketing Group Specializes In Website Design

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New Paradigm Marketing provides digital marketing services to small businesses and non-profits in the Northbay region of California, affectionately known as Wine Country. Below is our recent interview with Tim Smith, Principal at New Paradigm Marketing Group:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to New Paradigm Marketing Group?

A: We specialize in WordPress website design, content development and website maintenance.

We also help clients get found online using both organic search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search marketing. Our role is to bridge the gap between small business owners and the technology they need for an effective online presence.

Q: Tim, what’s your backstory? How did you get to where you are today?

A: I began writing for a local newspaper in the Baltimore Washington area while in my teens. I eventually went on to get a Mass Communications degree with a major in Journalism. I found my way into management, and subsequently held management positions. Organizations included media, advertising agencies and corporate marketing, where I served as VP of marketing for one of the nation’s larger credit unions.

In 2004, I left corporate life and underwent special training as a marketing consultant. This, together with the Certified Marketing Executive (CME) designation I hold formed the basis of my practice and today’s business.

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Q: What differentiates New Paradigm Marketing? Why should a prospective client choose you over other available providers?

A: Our product is solid, that’s for sure. But I think service is what really differentiates us. We believe in the “old school” approach to client service—listening to the client and customizing our services to his/her needs and budget. We don’t use templates. Every website is custom designed based on the client and customer base. We follow proven processes, but we’re also nimble enough to be highly flexible.

Another key aspect is the team’s cross-functional experience. We are a virtual agency, meaning we form a development team using contractors based on the unique project and what the client needs. Skills include advanced work in design, writing/editing, technology and marketing strategy.

We work to educate clients, most of whom don’t have deep backgrounds in marketing or website development. We teach at every opportunity so the client understands what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and maybe how to do some of that himself/herself.

The results are that our clients give us high marks for service, and we are both grateful for that and proud of it.

Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: In brief, we provide everything a small business owner needs for a successful website:

• Website strategy
• Content development
• Website design/development
• Digital marketing
• Website maintenance

See the following section for details on each of these services.

Marketing Strategy. The first thing a business owner needs to determine is the goals for his/her website and what strategies will be used to achieve them. This is where we begin when we talk with new clients, and everything else flows from that. It includes understanding what motivates customers as well as offer strategies that work for various stages of the decision cycle.

Content Development. We prepare compelling messaging about the client’s business. This may include writing from scratch or editing client-provided material. Content is the heart of a website, and the role of a site is to deliver content effectively so that leads and sales occur.

Website Design/Development. We design mobile-friendly (responsive) WordPress websites—both standard and ecommerce—that meet or exceed Google’s requirements. Services begin with a project planning session and involve the client at every step of the process. Our approach is to build sites that are clear, easy to navigate and support the organization’s branding and business objectives.

Digital Marketing. A great website without traffic doesn’t help anyone, so we offer both organic and paid search services. We have SEO and pay-per-click packages that work for most budgets. We also provide instruction for site owners who want to learn how to blog as a do-it-yourself SEO strategy.

Website Maintenance. We offer ongoing maintenance services to help keep your WordPress website healthy, fast and safe. This includes regular software updates, performance optimization, security, backups and uptime monitoring. Subscribers get a monthly “website care report” to keep them updated on how the site is doing and what we did during the month.

Q: From your perspective how can search engine optimization change a business owner’s life?

A: There is nothing like the sweet smell of a fresh lead (or subscriber or sale)! Business owners depend on their site for revenue—and a paycheck—and having that can make all the difference. SEO is one of the primary ways that websites attract search traffic, and we offer both on-site and off-site SEO services.

For business owners who want to learn how to use on-site blogging to improve their position in search results, we teach them how to publish a blog post and use an SEO plugin to optimize it for search. If they don’t like to write or don’t have time, we provide full-service content development and tactical SEO so they can focus on their core business.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: We want to continue to develop our skills, which are ever-changing and evolving in our industry. SEO, for example, changes every time Google announces a new algorithm update. The change is rapid, and it never ends.

We are also focused on growing the website maintenance side of the business. Today’s WordPress sites need ongoing care and protection, and we hope to continue adding to the 40-plus sites we currently have under management.

My personal goal is to begin laying the foundation for leadership succession. If you know any local-up-and-coming young entrepreneurs in the website industry, please send ‘em our way!

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