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Common Event Tech Problems And Solutions

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Whether you are putting on a corporate event, a fundraiser, or a wedding reception, technology is sure to be at the heart of your event.

But tech can cause problems, which is the last thing you want when running an event with lots of attendees.

To overcome tech problems at events, planning ahead for potential issues is crucial. So, make sure you are familiar with the following common event tech problems and solutions.

Pre-event Tech Problems

Problems can occur before you even hold your event.

For instance, registration and check-in processes can become problematic. Things like ticketing mistakes and lost data can be major issues.

To solve such problems, you need to use the best event planning apps.

You can then have a centralized place for dealing with every aspect of your event in an efficient manner, from registration to centralized communication with your team.

With an event planning app, you will not have to juggle things like spreadsheets, emails, and calendars. Instead, all of the information you require is in one central place and can be accessed instantly; enabling you to identify and avoid many problems.

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Video Playback and Streaming Problems

If your event involves presentations, you will probably be using live streams or pre-recorded videos.

When video streaming, problems can happen. The streaming, picture, and audio quality can all be problematic.

The last thing you want is to have a delay in the broadcast or, even worse, find out the stream cannot be relayed. So, always have a backup plan in place.

For instance, have a pre-recorded video ready in case one of your speakers via satellite cannot appear due to technical difficulties.

As for online videos that will not play due to technical issues, it is a good idea to convert the videos into an MP4 format ahead of time and have them stored on your computer, so you can play them without having to rely on the internet connection.

Make sure your backups cover the same material and are similar in length to ensure your event goes well.

Wi-Fi Going Down

Speaking of the internet, there is always the chance your Wi-Fi could go down when you need it the most.

In addition to having an IT expert on hand to deal with such a problem, you can avoid internet problems in the first place by using the latest and best router on the market.

The newest routers can automatically switch to another channel if there is a problem with things like heavy traffic that is causing static or delays.

Also, you should always perform an internet speed test before you begin your event to ensure you have good internet reception at your venue.

Dead Spots for Cell Phones

Like having no Wi-Fi signal, if you suddenly find cell phones cannot get signals at areas in your venue, it could become problematic for your staff members and guests.

So, you should always test the venue’s mobile reception before you hold your event.

Another solution is installing a cellular signal booster with the use of an antenna and a dual-band amplifier system. With the device, you can boost the strength of indoor signals.

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Radio Frequency Interference

Radio frequencies that are used for mobile phones, Bluetooth, and other devices that use wireless communication are transmitted via a narrow wavelength. If there is a disruption, it can cause serious problems and even render all devices useless.

To correct radio interference, you should have an expert IT assistant on hand who can go through troubleshooting methods.

But most interference problems can be addressed through simple actions, such as ensuring all transmitters have fresh batteries, keeping all radio transmitters at least fifteen feet away from wireless receiving antennas, and adjusting the receiver’s squelch control setting.

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