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Digitaland Specializes In Solving The Key AdTech Challenges For The Healthcare And Pharma Industries

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Digitaland is a digital production agency that helps digital media teams build and launch rich media campaigns across any vendor, platform or screen. They build everything from HTML5 standard banners and emails to high-impact ad formats like game ads, interactive landing pages, microsites and more. Speed is of the essence in the online world. That’s why they’ve built an infrastructure to support high-volume needs and fast turn times, so their clients can launch campaigns quickly. Below is our interview with Yoni Levy, VP Managing Director of Digitaland:

Q: You’ve recently announced your admission to the DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner program; could you tell us something more?

A: We’re really excited about the DoubleClick certification. Even though display advertising has been around for over 20 years, it’s still a Wild West of sorts. There are a lot of providers out there claiming to have capabilities that frankly, are unproven.

Most of the certifications available are pay-to-play – you pay a nominal fee or take a generic quiz and boom, you’re ‘certified’ as a digital production specialist. Clients learn the hard way that those certifications are worthless. Then they have to go through the labor-intensive work of screening potential vendors again.

That’s what makes the DoubleClick certification so groundbreaking. DoubleClick is an industry leader in the display advertising space and they know exactly what it takes to be a qualified, enterprise-grade provider. Their certification process is lengthy and vigorous. It includes an in-depth test of your entire team’s skills, to verify your expertise and ability to serve enterprise clients.

There are only a handful of DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners in the U.S. We’re proud to be one of them.

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Q: What are the main challenges of developing display advertising experiences right now?

A: It’s resource intensive. And the landscape is constantly changing. To meet campaign goals and reach your target audience, you need a team of people with an in-depth working knowledge of coding, animation, browser requirements, ad server requirements and best file delivery practices.

That’s why so many agencies, publishers, adtech platforms and advertisers outsource their digital production.

But it’s tough to find qualified providers. Clients often come to us in a panic when the freelancer or agency they were working with couldn’t deliver on-spec creative.

Q: Who are the primary clients of Digitaland and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: We work with agencies, publishers, adtech platforms and advertisers across a wide variety of verticals. We’ve built campaigns for everything from entertainment and consumer packaged goods to healthcare and pharma.

One of the main reasons clients first come to us is because they have all these great ideas for display ads – gamification, interactive experiences, animation and more – but they don’t have the in-house knowledge or resources to bring those ideas to life.

Once they realize we can also build out their landing pages and emails, they’re thrilled. When the same agency builds out all your creative, it gives it a cohesive look and feel. And it streamlines the campaign development process.

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Q: What’s unique about Digitaland and how does it stand out from competition?

A: Our deep expertise in the adtech ecosystem is what sets us apart from all the digital production studios out there. Most studios are experienced on the creative end: they design attractive ads. But, it’s not enough for our clients to launch ads that look good. They need to perform effectively, too.

That in-depth understanding of adtech platforms – how they work, their requirements, the best-use scenarios for each one – enables us to deliver smarter ads and creative to our clients.

Another thing that sets us apart: the verticals we’ve worked with.

We specialize in verticals with complex approvals and requirements, such as healthcare and pharma. For our pharma clients, a fast, proactive production partner means the difference between launching an on-time, on-budget campaign and losing precious weeks (or months).

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