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GoCo Provides Modern HR, Benefits, And Payroll Platform, Built With Flexibility And Ease-Of-Use In Mind

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Below is our recent interview with Aimie Ye, Digital Marketing Manager at GoCo:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to GoCo?

A: GoCo is a modern HR, benefits, and payroll platform, built with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind. While there are many digital HR platforms in the market, GoCo specifically aims to help SMBs spend less time on manual HR tasks, so they can focus on growing happier, more productive teams. GoCo continues to advance its HR technology to become even more flexible, and to eliminate the barriers that prevent small HR teams from adopting technology. GoCo’s key features include:

– Hiring & Onboarding
– Employee Self-Service
– Benefits Administration
– New! HR Workflow Automation
– HR Documents & e-Signature
– Embedded Payroll & Payroll Sync
– Time Off & Time Tracking
– New! HR Support On Demand
– Best-in-Class Client Service

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Q: How can GoCo help with our Hiring and Onboarding Workflow?

A: GoCo automates your hiring and onboarding workflow so you can greet your next new-hire with a smile on the first day — instead of a stack of paperwork. With our onboarding features, business owners and HR managers can:

– Send digital offer letters & hiring packets
– Collect digital signatures before the first day
– Enable employees to enroll in benefits online
– Automate and assign onboarding tasks
– Ensure compliance with digital I-9s and W-4s

Our new Automated Workflows feature also allows you to streamline routine tasks like hiring, onboarding, termination, and more. Our drag and drop Workflow builder brings any process or checklist to life inside of GoCo. HR managers can build custom onboarding checklists, collaborate with other team members and departments, and track progress along the way.

Q: Who is your ideal user and why?

A: GoCo helps small-to-medium sized businesses in all industries level-up their HR processes. We were founded with the idea that you shouldn’t have to change the way you work (or who you work with) just to use our technology. That’s why we build every feature with flexibility and customization in mind. You know your business and industry better than we ever could — so we put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to defining your processes, policies, and partnerships.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your features?

A: GoCo’s All-in-One HR Platform includes:

– Easy, paper-free onboarding. GoCo’s features are flexible so that SMBs can ditch the paperwork and automate hiring & onboarding workflows. From completely digital document signing and collection to setting onboarding tasks, GoCo’s employee onboarding solutions allow HR professionals to create a great experience for new hires.
– Simplified benefits administration. GoCo’s benefits administration & tracking software makes it easy for you and your team to enroll in and manage all your company’s benefit offerings. From detailed reports to automatic contributions and deductions, our completely paperless platform handles all the complexity of administration without the hassle.
– HR workflow automation. Automate and streamline routine tasks like hiring, onboarding, termination, and more. Our drag and drop Workflow builder brings any process or checklist to life inside of GoCo.
– All-in-One Embedded Payroll or Payroll Sync. We’ve partnered with Execupay, an industry-leading payroll provider, to create an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution. You can run payroll from GoCo, seamlessly capture paystubs and automatically manage reconciliations, with the convenience of a single all-in-one system.
Can’t move to a new payroll? No problem! Use Payroll Sync to connect GoCo to your current payroll system. With seamless support for any cloud-based payroll provider – including ADP, Paychex, Paylocity, Intuit QuickBooks, and more – there’s no scrambling around to set up yet another new system and no barriers to taking full advantage of GoCo’s HR and Benefits features. If you’re happy with your current provider, GoCo is happy to sync with it.
– Time off & time tracking. Track your team’s work, PTO, and holiday hours in one place. All state and federal overtime rules are automatically calculated, and timesheets and time-off requests can be approved with a single click.
– HR support on-demand. Get access to expert HR advice and tools to support you through COVID-19 and beyond. We’ll connect you with expert advisors when you need them, to help you stay compliant and support your employees.

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Q: Can you tell us something about your pricing plans?

A: GoCo starts at $5 per employee per month. Let us know what apps you need, and we’ll build a custom plan to fit your HR workflow. All plans include Onboarding, Employee Self-Service, and MagicDocs. We’ll customize other options like benefits, payroll, PTO tracking and more to fit your needs.

Annual and multi-year contracts can save up to 20%. We’ll work with you to find the terms and pricing that are best suited for your business. To get a custom quote built for your needs, visit GoCo pricing.

Q: What can we expect from GoCo in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: Earlier this summer, GoCo released Workflows, a game-changing new innovation for automating virtually any HR-related tasks and checklists. We’re completely re-imagining the way that HR teams manage their workflows for onboarding new hires, terminating employees, running performance reviews, etc. We just released this new feature in July, and are using some of the early feedback to expand the feature even further, and deliver on our ultimate vision of eliminating email and spreadsheets from HR completely.

We’re also continuing to innovate around our HR documents and e-signature workflows. Our proprietary Magic Docs feature is a customer-favorite, for using documents to collect form data and e-signatures. With so many companies working remotely through the pandemic, going paperless is really tantamount right now, so we’re working to level-up our Documents by introducing some new hiring packet functionality, and other ways to use our Documents to support remote hiring, onboarding, and HR compliance.

Last Updated on September 27, 2020

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