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Impel – A Must Have App For Health And Fitness Professionals

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Startup Impel helps health and fitness professionals to track and visualize client goals and progress.
Interview with Eric Watson, Founder of Impel:

Q: What is Impel?
A: Impel is an iOS app that helps health and fitness professionals track and visualize client goals and progress. It uses client data to validate personalized programs and improve client engagement all while saving time, improving organization, and reflecting professionalism.


Q: What inspired you to start working on Impel?
A: Three things inspired me to start working on Impel:

– I believe that data can be leveraged to improve lives.
– My girlfriend is a great personal trainer with an obvious pain of keeping track of her clients’ fitness goals and progress toward those goals. They are currently kept in an unwieldy notebook or spreadsheet.
– My two awesome co-founders and I are all fitness and outdoor enthusiasts!

Q: How does it work?
A: Many health and fitness professionals keep track of a wide range of client metrics through standard testing in order to validate improvement and monitor progress toward achieving goals. With Impel, the user creates profiles for their clients, assigns customize-able tests to each client, sets goals for each test, enters test results which creates graphic visualization of progress, and then can send these results to their clients with the tap of a single button.

Q: What is your monetization plan?
A: Impel is free to download and use with up to four clients. Then, we offer subscription plans for up to 15 clients at $4.99/month, up to 40 clients at $9.99/month, and up to 100 clients at $19.99/month. We also offer customized versions to meet the needs of larger gyms.

Q: When do you plan to launch it?
A: We are excited to be in the middle of development and we will be launching in the App Store in May!

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