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Indow Is Changing The Storm Window Market Through Their Innovative Designs And Information Processing

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Indow is changing the storm window market through their innovative designs and information processing. Their proprietary software and laser measurement system are helping new and old spaces become more energy efficient with an easy press-into-window design. Driven by a desire to curb climate change, CEO and Founder Sam Pardue left a successful career at Lensbaby to pursue energy saving window inserts.

Sam Pardue

Q: You left your role as CEO of Lensbaby to start Indow, a clean tech startup. Why?

A: Leaving Lensbaby to create Indow, a startup based on the idea that to seal window drafts could mean saving the environment, was a difficult decision.

I had fallen in love with the rippling glass and the old-growth wood frames of my 1906 Craftsman home’s lovely yet leaky windows. They were beautiful, but the drafts were uncomfortable energy drains. I thought the environmentally friendly solution was to replace my windows, but I couldn’t bear to part with them. I started looking for window replacement alternatives until coming up with my own: a custom window insert that relies on compression alone to stay in your window frame—no screws or nails or mounting brackets.

I ultimately left my dream job as the CEO of Lensbaby to develop Indow for two reasons. First, I was entranced with the beautifully simple design of our first window insert prototypes. They had an incredible ability to seal window drafts without changing the aesthetics of the original windows. Second, as someone deeply concerned about climate change, I realized these energy saving window inserts had the potential to help people significantly reduce their carbon footprints.

Q: Indow developed a proprietary software system to address out of square windows. Why was this needed and why does it make Indow unique in the marketplace?

A: Early on, we realized almost all window frames are significantly out of square. To achieve even compression around the frame of our inserts (which is needed to press into the window & provide an airseal) we needed to figure out the exact window frame shape for every custom storm window.

I realized we had to create an IT system to govern the flow of information from people measuring windows all over the US into our manufacturing system. At first this seemed like an impossible problem to solve at scale, but we started chipping away at the complexity. We integrated a precise laser with built in Bluetooth to minimize measurement and transcription errors. We developed measuring software combining Pythagorean theorem and fuzzy logic to automatically detect measurement errors. Once measurements validate, the customer submits their dimensions with a few mouse clicks and we flow the order into our manufacturing system.

The combination of our unique compression design and proprietary IT system allows Indow to deliver the best fitting, best-looking, easiest to install, energy saving window inserts. No one else in the storm window market can provide this level of product and service. Even when put to the test, our inserts do better than expected. Third-party studies showed our inserts save an average of 20% on energy bills, significantly better than computer models predicted.

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Q: Who is mainly benefiting from Indow window inserts and why?

A: When we launched, we focused on the historic window restoration market. Our inserts provide these historic homeowners window replacement alternatives that don’t modify their original windows. Yet, they bring all the energy efficiency and comfort of high-end replacement windows. We are also half to a third of window replacement cost.

We soon realized there was another very large market segment interested in the benefits of soundproofing. We introduced our Acoustic Grade insert which can block up to 70% of the noise coming through a window. The customers interested in our soundproof window insert live in homes and work in offices from every decade of construction. They just happen to be in close proximity to noise from trains, traffic, construction, or late night revellers.

Concerns about noise also drive our vigorous growth in the commercial market. Many property owners find they can transform their spaces by dramatically reducing the noise and drafts coming through their windows. They also get big energy savings so the improvements pay for themselves.

Q: You said you’ve seen vigorous growth in the commercial space due to the benefits of soundproofing. Can you expand on that?

A: As a start-up we focused initially on the residential market because it offered the fastest path to revenue. But large commercial customers started coming to us seeking hotel soundproofing or office noise reduction solutions. Based on our ability to delight office tenants and hotel management companies, in 2018 we started investing more in growing our commercial sales. We are finding hospitality customers particularly value our ability to soundproof hotel windows with no loss of revenue from their rooms. Commercial building managers are often motivated by the productivity benefits office noise reduction provides.

Our large commercial customers often choose our pilot program to see how much window soundproofing they will gain before installing large storm windows throughout their establishment.

Q: Indow has a range of window inserts currently available for residential and commercial customers. What developments might we see in the future?

A: We have a world class executive team and a long list of ideas, but our priority is to improve our customer experience. We hope to have more discussions with our customers about what they like and don’t like so our next stages are fine tuned to their experience. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on our new developments.

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Q: What should contractors and home products business owners know about how Indow could be beneficial to their clients?

A: The greatest joy I have as the founder of Indow is when we get glowing feedback from a customer who has transformed their living or work space by installing our energy saving window inserts. One customer recently told us she was finally able to sleep through the night in her home without noise from outside waking her up. The general manager of a hotel in Maryland was overjoyed because complaints about outside noise had dropped to zero after installing our window inserts. The multimillion-dollar renovation of the hotel would not have delivered a great guest experience without the Indow inserts blocking the annoying outside noise.

Indow welcomes qualified dealers who develop trusting relationships with their clients and want to deliver transformational change to their living and work spaces.

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