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Influencer Marketing Platform RockitBoost Makes It Easy For Influencers And Ecommerce Sellers To Collaborate

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Below is our recent interview with Lingbin Kong, CEO of RockitBoost:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to RockitBoost?

A: RockitBoost is an innovative, new multilingual influencer marketing platform that makes it easy for influencers, product owners, and marketing agencies to collaborate and create their own customized influencer program. The easy-to-use platform contains incredible features such as the Marketplace, where an unlimited number of influencers can select their favorite products to promote onto their social channels and receive assured payments in return. With RockitBoost, users get access to real-time analytics tools to track results, influencers, campaigns, and more!

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your solutions?

A: RockitBoost makes it easy for online sellers and crowdfunding campaigners to connect with influencers who will promote their products and increase their traffic and sales. They simply post their products to RockitBoost’s Marketplace (including photos, videos, description, and price) and choose their commission for sales or the amount they will pay for traffic to their website. It takes less than 5 minutes per product to set up a campaign!

RockitBoost is also a great solution for influencers who are looking for brand deals and get paid for promoting products. Influencers “shop” for products on the Marketplace that their followers would like and post the products to their social accounts using the content provided or by creating their own content. When one of their followers visits the product site or purchases the product, the product owner will receive traffic or sales and the influencer will receive comission accordingly.

Marketing agencies will also benefit from RockitBoost by recommending products to their influencers, and they will have access to our Dashboard where they can see influencers’ results in real-time.

Unlike other platforms, RockitBoost is affordable. Product owners only pay the commission they’ve chosen plus a small monthly fee and marketing agencies and influencers will always use the platform for free.

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Q: What makes RockitBoost Dashboard unique?

A: Through their customized Dashboard, RockitBoost’s influencers, product owners, and marketing agencies get access to analytics tools, graphs, charts, and statistics that update in real time. This makes it easy for them to gain insight on how to optimize marketing strategies, maximize their income, and increase sales and traffic. No need to set up a complicated accounting system; the Dashboard is easy to read and shows the financials and handles payments to all influencers. Ecommerce sellers will also not have to worry about fake followers not generating results for influencers. Product owners only pay for results, which are verified through the analytics on the Dashboard.

Another unique feature of RockitBoost Dashboard is its multilingual support. Users can easily convert their dashboard into one of the 10 supported languages. In today’s e-commerce and crowdfunding markets, many projects are world-wide. Product owners and influencers can be located in different continents. From the beginning, RockitBoost was designed to facilitate global collaboration.

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Q: What can we expect from RockitBoost in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: We are excited to grow the number of platform users this year and show online sellers and crowdfunders how much they can profit from influencers promoting their products to receptive, targeted audiences. We hope to partner with many influencers and marketing agencies since they can use our website for free. As our users grow, we’ll be bringing on more team members to offer the very best in customer support and to grow collaborations between our users even more!

Q: What’s the best thing about the RockitBoost that people might not know about?

A: RockitBoost is the first platform of its kind to benefit everyone that uses it. Product owners only have to pay for results: traffic to their site or sales of their products. They have traditionally paid influencers upfront and then only get a few likes and shares, which may or may not turn into sales.

Influencers love RockitBoost because it’s completely free. They know exactly what they will make for their collabs upfront, and they are guaranteed to get paid. There are so many scams in influencer marketing today that some are leery to even giving it a try for fear of losing money. We accept influencers with any number of followers, creative control is theirs, our global scope helps to increase their followers, and they get paid in cash.

Marketing agencies without the resources to hire another team member to handle influencer marketing will greatly benefit from our product by making it easy for them to manage an unlimited number of influencers in a shorter amount of time. They can split commissions with the influencers, so they are still profiting from the relationship, and they can see real-time results on each of their influencers’ campaigns.

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