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Meet AUDEA – A New Class Of Smart Speakers And Headphones That Dramatically Simplifies And Enhances Your Music Experience

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Below is our recent interview with Douglas Kihm, CEO at AUDEA:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: AUDEA® is reimagining how people listen to music. AUDEA is a new class of smart speakers and headphones that dramatically simplifies and enhances your music experience by giving you the freedom to instantly and easily play your favorite music with or without your smartphone. Our integrated, user-adjustable 13 band Equalizer (EQ) allows you to adjust the sound quality just how you like it. Our ability to add auxiliary speakers dramatically enhances the rich and immersive audio experience. AUDEA is the first smart speaker to include a convenient hand-held remote that allows you to easily control playback of your music, videos and other entertainment media.

AUDEA® is the world’s highest quality autonomous “Ultra Smart Speaker and Headphones” that plays any music app with or without a phone including Apple®, Spotify® and others via its display, remote control or voice commands.

Audea holds a utility patent including a total of 30 issued patents claims for autonomous voice-controlled headphones without limitation as to implementation. The company has sold its first technology license to a major smart headphone and speaker manufacturer. The Company is targeting large M&A suitors by developing the most advanced, patented, intelligent audio technology that consumer electronic companies such as Apple®, Samsung®, Sony®, Bose®, Google® among others can use to create, capture, protect and dominate new multi-billion-dollar autonomic smart audio markets. The company has raised $2.6M in equity capital and has an active $25M Series A offering for growth working capital.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: AUDEA® has been awarded a utility patent for the world’s first autonomous premium quality smart voice AI headphones. The patent addresses an unserved multi-billion-dollar market. The patent’s 30 claims include voice control, high res and surround sound music, integrated display, storage and app processor that plays thousands of apps. The patent covers all over the ear, autonomous smart voice-controlled headphones that operate without a phone.

The press release also announced the company’s StartEngine Crowdfund campaign where anyone can invest whether you are accredited or not for as little as $250 into AUDEA Inc.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: The AUDEA® patent uniquely addresses the premium smart headphones market which is estimated to grow from $530 million in 2021 or 5% of the total $10.6 billion market, to $2.18 billion or 10% of the total $21.8 billion smart headphones market by 2025. Source: Allied Market Research.

Autonomous smart headphones and speakers have everything built inside and are not dependent on a smart phone to operate. Autonomous smart headphones and speakers are inherently easier to use, higher quality and more reliable. Autonomous smart headphones and speakers are inevitable and the way of the future because smart consumer electronic products including smart phones are continuously being improved with new built-in autonomous, software upgradeable, smart features to meet customer demands for enhanced functions, greater ease of use and higher quality.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: The company is ramping up its retail sales into several online retail stores, licensing its patented technology to major headphone and speaker OEMs plus releasing new features and products including its VOXXI® and SoundMate 2.

“VOXXI®” is proprietary AUDEA® voice control technology which allows you to create custom wake commands besides the fixed “OK Google” wake command and other customized commands such as “raise the bass by 20%”. AUDEA®’s VOXXI® unique “private voice control” only turns on the voice command microphone when the Wake Key is pressed which prevents any potential online eavesdropping of private conversations.

SoundMate 2 is a premium version of the AUDEA® SoundMate 1 auxiliary add-on speaker with 4 speaker drivers. 100 RMS watts and Bluetooth wireless or wired connectivity to the AUDEA® Q1 main smart speaker unit. Combining AUDEA’s 13 band equalizer with its ability to add any quality active speaker AUDEA represents the highest quality smart speaker in the world.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: AUDEA® is the first autonomous smart speaker and headphones that incorporate an app processor.
Traditional smart speakers and headphones cannot run music apps, so you can’t browse your music without a phone which makes browsing and playing music more difficult, time consuming and complicated. Traditional smart speakers and headphones simply play music streamed to them from the internet or a phone with no integrated ability to access the music app playlists and other unique app features.

AUDEA® truly represents a whole new way to experience music. AUDEA®‘s superior quality, simplicity, freedom and smart customizable color touch display lends itself to becoming the next great, trendy, social way to play. AUDEA®’s smart color LED screen displays music apps and is user customizable to display personalized dynamic music visualizations. AUDEA® represents, especially for the younger generation, “the new cool way to play”. There simply is no other smart speaker or headphones that offers the superior audio quality and simplicity that AUDEA® offers.

AUDEA is changing the world of music with revolutionary, patented technology that makes music easy and with unparalleled, exceptionally high quality audio.

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