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Meet Elbaite – A Self-Custodial Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Below is our recent interview with Jess Ciancio, Reputation and Analytics Lead at Elbaite:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: Elbaite is a self-custodial cryptocurrency exchange based in Australia. The platform was conceived when crypto miner Mortaza Tollo (Co-founder and CEO) fell victim to several exchange hacks, prompting him to seek a more secure alternative. Unable to find a suitable option, Mortaza enlisted the help of his sister Samira (Co-founder and CTO), an electrical engineer, to develop a new solution.

Driven by a passion for financial freedom, empowerment, and self-custody, they created Elbaite, a non-custodial crypto exchange inspired by the original Bitcoin white paper. As a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform, Elbaite ensures that user’s cryptocurrencies are never held by the exchange during any stage of the transaction process. This sets it apart from conventional centralized exchanges that hold users’ crypto in centralized wallets, exposing them to risks such as hacking, insolvency-related losses, or misuse by bad actors.

With Elbaite, users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from their own wallets. Elbaite can be connected to any crypto wallet and has fewer steps and fees when trading crypto.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: Despite the challenging economic environment, we’re excited that Elbaite has successfully transitioned from a startup to a scaleup. This milestone is a testament to our team’s hard work, resilience, and unwavering commitment to providing a secure and empowering platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Our recent announcement highlights several key achievements that have fueled our growth, including increased user adoption, partnerships with other industry players, and continuous product innovation.

These accomplishments have enabled us to offer a more robust and user-friendly platform, making it easier than ever for individuals to engage in secure, self-custodial cryptocurrency trading.

We believe it’s important to share our journey to inspire others and demonstrate that even during tough times, it’s still possible to grow and make a genuine, positive impact.

We’re eager to continue scaling our business and contributing to the world by fostering financial freedom and empowerment through secure, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading

Q: What can we expect from your company? What are your plans?

A: At Elbaite, we are committed to inspiring positive change in the cryptocurrency industry by staying true to our core principles of self-custody and customer safety. We believe that these values are crucial in protecting users and driving the industry forward in the right direction. With that in mind, our plans for the future include the development and introduction of additional products and services that align with our mission and values.

We take pride in being a strong Australian company, showcasing the immense innovation and capabilities that the nation has to offer. We are dedicated to demonstrating our expertise on the global stage and highlighting Australia’s role in shaping the future of the crypto industry.

We are grateful that we are in a position able to offer employment opportunities to people during these challenging times, and are currently hiring within our rapidly expanding team of developers. As we continue to grow and expand our offerings, we remain focused on creating a positive impact on the world, empowering individuals with financial freedom, and contributing to a safer, more equitable crypto landscape.

Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: One aspect of Elbaite that truly sets us apart and might not be widely known is our commitment to diversity and community spirit. This is reflected in our employee retention rate of 100% Our company has even won awards for diversity, our co-founder Samira tollo was names Gender and Diversity Leader of the Year” in 2022.

Our company name, Elbaite, is a symbol of our belief in the power of diversity. Elbaite It is the only gemstone found in every color of the spectrum, representing our vision for a future where inclusivity is woven into the fabric of the blockchain community. Our team of 16 represents 13 different nationalities, and we can collectively speak 13 different languages. We are proud to have a female co-founder and CTO, as well as to represent the LGBTQI+ community, with 20% of our team identifying as queer. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion sets us apart as a shining example for the future of the fintech industry, and we are proud to challenge the “male dominated” narrative that currently exists.

At Elbaite, we genuinely care about the work we do, and we’re focused on fostering a positive impact on the world. We pride ourselves on being an ethical business, constantly innovating to make a real difference and improve the world around us. Our team is united in the pursuit of empowering individuals and communities through secure, accessible cryptocurrency trading.

Behind the scenes, our office culture is vibrant and enjoyable. We encourage our team members to have fun while working, as we believe that a happy and engaged workforce is essential to long-term success. Our strong sense of camaraderie, combined with our shared passion for making a positive contribution to the world, ultimately drives the growth and innovation that Elbaite is known for.

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