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Pure Watercraft Is Leading A Fundamental Transformation Of Boating For The Next Generations To Hit The Water

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Pure Watercraft manufactures, designs and sells all-electric outboards, leading a fundamental transformation of boating for the next generations to hit the water. Below is our recent interview with Andy Rebele, the Founder & CEO of Pure Watercraft:

Q: What is your vision?

A: Our vision is to usher in a new era of boating that is more enjoyable and accessible for everyone, and more sustainable for our planet.

Q: What are the key benefits of using Pure Watercraft?

A: Pure Watercraft is eliminating all the hassles that stand between people and truly connecting to the water: the unreliability of gas outboards, the maintenance, the fumes/gas/oil/smell, the noise and clatter. We’re delivering a best-in-class electric boating experience at a price that is competitive with similar gas models.

Especially now, in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are wondering what they can do for fun without having to travel, and they’re leaning into boating more than ever before. Pure Watercraft is making the boating experience more enjoyable for everyone by replacing the noise, fumes, smell and headaches of traditional gas-powered motors with clean, sustainable outboards that are not only more enjoyable and accessible but more environmentally friendly, one boat at a time.

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Q: Who would be your ideal customer and why?

A: Our ideal customers include anyone that appreciates the serenity of the water. Families, anglers, rowers, life-long boaters and beyond. Our goal is to provide our customers with an unparalleled electric boating experience free of the noise, fumes, smell and maintenance issues that plague traditional gas outboards.

Q: In the boats market, what makes Pure Watercraft stand out?

A: What makes us different is that we build all of our component technologies from the ground up, and we do it with the same aspirations as the leading electric vehicles manufacturers to do things that make our system long-lasting and durable. For example, our battery pack includes a thermal management system, which isn’t typical of traditional gas-powered outboards.

Pure Watercraft outboards also have exceptional range and power. Five to ten years ago people wouldn’t have thought seriously about an all-electric outboard but we’re now delivering systems that perform at or above traditional gas-powered motor benchmarks. Our patented Pure Watercraft battery pack system delivers the most energy per pound of any battery pack in marine and its compact design allows our batteries to be combined in different stowage configurations to achieve maximum range. Pure Watercraft’s state of the art, fully-integrated throttle further unlocks the full power of our all-electric powertrain, allowing for a seamless experience on the water.

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Q: What can we expect from Pure Watercraft in the future?

A: Pure Watercraft is just getting started on its mission to transform boating. Whereas just a few years ago people were skeptical of our vision, most people now accept that someday most boats will be electric. What makes us different is that we believe we can make that happen now by delivering the best experience for someone acting to improve the experience for themselves, and we’re committed to delivering a best-in-class electric boating experience that is not only more enjoyable and accessible but more environmentally friendly.

Last Updated on November 21, 2020

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