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Sawyer Raises $6M Series A Funding To Provide Educators With The Most Complete Scheduling, Payment, And Communication Software In The Industry

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Sawyer is transforming the way parents access their child’s education. As parents demand more control over their child’s education, personalized learning is becoming the norm. Parents expect tools that make this possible to be simple and delightful. In this $80 billion dollar US industry of supplemental education (camps, after school programming, early development classes) which is highly fragmented, Sawyer is the connection, powering providers across the US via their software. Below is our interview with Marissa Evans Alden, CEO & Co Founder of Sawyer:


Q: You’ve recently announced $6 Million Series A funding; could you tell us something more?

A: We’ve raised $6M in funding lead by Advance Venture Partners. Others who contributed to the round include Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, 3311 Ventures, Collaborative Fund, Female Founders Fund in addition to others from our seed round.

We are thrilled to have the additional capital as Sawyer will continue to work towards our mission of ensuring our children are best prepared for the future.

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Q: What is the story behind Sawyer, how did you start?

A: Our co-founding team all worked together at Rent the Runway and became close friends as well as colleagues. Stephanie, our COO had just one daughter at the time and found it challenging to discover great educational classes for her. In a world powered by technology, there seemed to be a gap that existed for parents to discover educational opportunities for their children… from early childhood development class, all the way up through after school programs!

Q: How would you describe Sawyer in your own words?

A: Sawyer’s mission is to ensure children are prepared for the future by bringing this industry online. Our proprietary software, Sawyer Tools, is now live with hundreds of providers across the US, giving education providers the most powerful scheduling, payment, and communication software in the industry. We allow them to grow and scale their own businesses and reach even more students.

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Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: New york, LA, and a few more cities next!

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: With this new injection of capital and investors, we will rapidly scale our software into new markets and build out our team. Sawyer is committed to giving all children access to great educational activities, working with under served communities to bring more educational opportunities to families that wouldn’t normally get this access.

Last Updated on August 27, 2017

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