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Signa Marketing – A Full Service Digital Agency Specializing In Online Presence Management For Local Businesses And National Brands

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Signa Marketing is a full service digital agency specializing in online presence management for local businesses and national brands. Below is our recent interview with Bobby Machado, CEO & Founder of Signa Marketing:

Q: Can you tell us something more about the company and your services?

A: Our core offerings include search engine optimization (SEO), paid media (pay-per-click / PPC), social media marketing and website development. We strive to make each aspect of marketing a business clear and understandable as well as give our clients the insights needed to succeed in their market space. Web trends move rapidly and it’s our job to keep our clients ahead of the game.

We provide our core services for any business that is in need of customer acquisition and increasing their online presence. In many cases, we have companies who approach us at a stage in which they have tried online marketing on their own or have started on their online presence, and need a professional agency to come in and take them to the next tier.

At our foundation, Signa Marketing was created to address a need in the market that we still see today; to be a digital agency partner for businesses small and large, that delivers high-end digital marketing services, provides strategy guidance, and is looking out for the client’s best interest at heart.

Q: There are already a number of digital marketing agencies on the market, why do you think yours is superior?

A: Signa Marketing has been set apart from the competition since its inception. Since the entrance level into the digital marketing industry is low, it has resulted in several agencies entering the market space, making it more difficult for businesses to find good agencies to work with. This is where high performance agencies come into play and where we position ourselves in the market as a digital marketing partner that delivers for its clients, whether you’re a small or large business.

It takes sheer knowledge, experience, and talent to execute successful digital marketing campaigns, and that is an aspect that we are continuously focused on.

Our team is consistently staying ahead of the curve with new digital marketing strategies and our approach is always conducted from a holistic point of view. Even if we are only executing one service for a client, we are still viewing it in a holistic manner, and looking to see how other digital channels are being influenced.

At the end of the day, we are a results driven digital marketing team that is an extension of our client’s companies.

Q: How is online marketing different today than it was just a few years ago?

A: Digital marketing continues to move towards the path of all digital marketing channels working cohesively. Hence, why multi-channel content-centric marketing efforts are the norm now and all marketing channels are tied into a marketing automation platform.

In addition, gone are the days of trying to rank on search engines for a particular keyword; it’s all about search query intent and with that, it means that a page can rank for all sorts of keyword variations as long as the keyword intent is the same. Furthermore, digital PR is absolutely crucial for any website looking to rank on search engines, and this is where the thought process of looking to attain “rankings” changes to “how great is my company’s overall online presence?”.

A business that continues to focus on increasing their overall online presence through consistent content generation, social media community building, digital PR, leveraging paid media, and delivering a stellar online experience on their website, will ultimately brew up the perfect storm for concrete search engine rankings and increasing their overall online presence.

Q: Why is digital marketing important for every business?

A: For most businesses, digital marketing is crucial to the success of their business. Whether it be for producing leads, sales, or maintaining a positive reputation. At the end of the day, Google alone receives 63,000 searches per second on any given day; that statistic alone is enough for anyone to know that their business needs an online presence.

Maintaining a healthy online presence for any business should be top of mind. Every day, every business’s customers are searching for specific products, local or national services, or completing research on a company prior to working with them.

In addition, businesses are able to nurture their target audiences through the customer journey, from awareness, to consideration, to conversion. This can be done through various digital channels in a multi-channel approach.

When it comes to paid media specifically under the digital marketing umbrella, we have the ability to target specific messaging to people with specific interests, demographics, and behaviors. Best of all, paid media allows you to quickly run tests to gauge markets and learn which ads and messaging resonate with users.

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Q: What does the future hold? Where is the company headed?

A: Signa Marketing started out as a small team, with the goal of delivering it’s promises to clients and helping our clients grow their businesses through digital marketing efforts. This promise has stayed true and continues to this day. We continue to grow our team, expertise, and speed, to deliver high-end digital marketing services to both local businesses and large national brands.

In the future, we plan to enter specific high energy markets, such as the action sports market and increase our involvement with entertainment brands.

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