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Skin Pro International Was Founded To Provide Consumers With A Wide Variety Of Treatments Aimed At Slowing Down The Aging Process

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SkinPro was founded in December of 2009 to provide consumers with a wide variety of treatments aimed at slowing down the aging process. Below is our recent interview with Tim Schmidt, CEO at Skin Pro International:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Skin Pro International?

A: We started with our flagship product, Elite Serum, and after a lot of media attention, grew the over 50 products including Organic, Vegan, CBD, Women’s Body care, and of course, our most popular sector – cosmeceuticals.

Q: Can you give us insights into your products?

A: Most people know us for the Elite Serum Rx, one of the most popular treatments for around the eyes. It targets wrinkles, bags, puffiness, and even dark circles, all in one highly innovative airless syringe. (While this looks very medical, it’s non invasive!)

With the tenth anniversary of Elite Serum approaching, we have a special limited quantity Elite Serum 10 launching. It’ll be in a collector’s version platinum airless syringe and feature an entirely revamped formula that will make long time fans of Elite Serum Rx very happy!

2019 was the beginning of our CBD product line, and while it’s highly competitive, we’re enjoying quite a bit of success, especially with our Hemp Eye Cream and CBD Pain rub. Anyone who trains intensely has the subsequent muscle soreness and pain, and that cream soothes even the most chronic pain.

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Q: How much attention do you pay to research and development?

A: SkinPro was founded on two principles:

1) Put out the highest quality products.
2) Keep an affordable price point.

While #2 is easy, putting out the best products has us constantly evaluating new ingredients. Every year our overseas laboratory research partners are introducing new peptides. As we evaluate these peptides and include them in our formulas, it’s an ongoing process in the labs to find out just how well these new peptides bond together with existing peptides we swear by.

Q: What are the key elements of your general strategy?

A: R & D continues to be our focus. While we may not get as much media hype as some brands with investment capital behind them and a 7 figure marketing budget, we tend to think we have a stickier customer base which helps us growing. The grassroots, organic approach of being good to our customers and providing a high quality product has kept us at the top of a very competitive space for over ten years!

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A:The organic line is a huge focus for us, and we’ll soon have an organic vitamin C facial serum. It’s no secret that vitamin C serums are extremely popular with consumers, and there are very few manufacturers who can deliver a USDA Certified Organic and Vegan product. Having the means to produce these types of products is something we’re not taking lightly, and we’ll soon have an entire range of SkinPro products that are vegan and organic.

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