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Source Environmental Sciences, Inc. – A Full-Service Environmental Consulting Firm In Houston, TX

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Source Environmental Sciences, Inc. was established in 1984 and is a full-service environmental consulting firm in Houston, TX. Below is our recent interview with Sabrina Pasier, Administrative Coordinator at Source Environmental Sciences:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Source Environmental Sciences?

A: We provide consultation, reports, research, computer modeling, audits, and related scientific services to assist our clients in achieving and maintaining compliance with environmental regulations. Our staff of engineers, scientists, and environmental consultants are highly skilled with experience and advanced degrees directly applicable to these services. Source is a licensed Professional Geoscientist firm and has received the Houston Better Business Bureau’s Gold Star Certificate in recognition of its high level of business practices.

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Q: Why do we need an environmental consulting firm?

A: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) have established environmental laws and regulations that must be followed (like the Clean Air Act, for example). Our clients must comply with environmental permitting and reporting laws to operate legally. Usually the average person lacks the detailed technical and scientific knowledge to complete these tasks. Source is hired to complete the technical work, permit requirements, and on the company’s behalf, submit these to government agencies. We frequently act as a liaison between the company and the agencies as well.

Q: What types of services do you provide to your clients?

A: We work hard to make sure our clients get the required permits needed to operate in compliance with environmental regulations, and help them navigate the ever-changing laws in Texas and other states. A few of the services we provide are: preparation of environmental permit applications (such as wastewater, storm water, air quality, hazardous waste), air dispersion modeling, annual emission inventory reports, environmental remediation, contaminant transport modeling, environmental compliance training and audits, environmental site assessments, Toxic Release Inventory reports, RCRA and LPST site closures, spill prevention plans, risk management plans, and expert witness testimony.

Q: Who are your clients and what are some of the key challenges you’re helping them solve?

A: Our clients are in many industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers, construction materials, product manufacturers, and municipal governments to name a few. The greatest challenge is translating the rules and regulations in a way that is efficient, cost-effective, and easily implemented to integrate into our client’s operations.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: Our mission is to provide the highest standard of environmental consulting services to our clients. Our future goals are to expand our client base and geographic coverage. Auxiliary regional offices in San Antonio and Corpus Christi represent our recent advancement toward reaching these goals. We wish to continue that momentum of expansion and growth as a company.

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