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Below is our recent interview with Alejandro Cabrera, COO and co-founder of

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to

AC: is transforming the traditional extended car warranty marketplace. With the old school way consumers get coverage for unexpected vehicle repairs, middlemen (like dealers, agents, managers and such) all take a cut, jacking the price so that upwards of 75% of what consumers ultimately pay doesn’t even go toward vehicle coverage. is disintermediating this process with technology that removes the middlemen and passes the savings to consumers with transparent, low monthly subscription coverage that offers worry-free protection for unexpected, but inevitable, car repairs.

Q: What are the key benefits of using

AC: We offer a full suite of worry free, no haggle car care plans that cover thousands of car repairs and can be canceled anytime with zero penalty. Our coverage is designed to fit every budget with plans starting at $4.70/month. From a $600 A/C repair to a $3,800 transmission or even if you lose your car key, which will cost upwards of $300, we’ve got you covered. We’re 100% online and transparent, so consumers know exactly what they’re paying for and they can get a custom quote instantly. There is no haggling with anyone about anything. In fact, they don’t need to even talk to anyone unless they want to.

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Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

AC: We are seeing a really diverse customer base. Given that 93% of households rely on a car to get around, we find that nearly everyone is dealing with the financial pains of car ownership, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic when a large repair bill can be even more financially disruptive. However, we are finding that millennials in particular want worry-free services and want to do everything on their mobile device. In fact, around 70% of customers purchase Vehicle Repair Protection on their mobile devices. While 93% of warranties are sold at dealerships, 56% of millennials report preferring to clean their house than negotiate with a car dealer; 34% said they’d rather wait in line at the DMV and 26% said they’d rather do their taxes. Most consumers dislike the dealership and offers a new way to get this valuable extended car warranty protection – with a transparent, affordable and simple monthly subscription.

Q: What was the impetus for launching

AC: Like many entrepreneurs a personal experience seeded the idea for I bought my wife a new car at the local dealership and was sold a $2,500 extended warranty by a pushy sales guy at the end of a stressful, five-hour-long experience. I later learned it only cost the dealership about a third of what I paid, and that was common practice across the industry.

So I went online to shop for an extended warranty. Every website I found collects a bunch of information up front and then, after clicking “get an instant quote,” you actually get a phone call from a salesperson obviously incentivized to sell the warranty. Same scenario as at the dealership. Both ways of selling car warranties the traditional way require a salesperson in the loop and come with big markups.

After learning about all of this, I decided to start an uproar! I returned my warranty for a prorated refund — and got 90% of my money back. Now it’s’s mission to make sure no one overpays for an extended warranty again by making vehicle repair protection affordable and transparent for everyone.

Q: What can we expect from in the next 6 months?

AC: You can expect an uproar! We are out to change the $40B extended car warranty market and do right by consumers. Traditionally when you buy an extended warranty, you are handed a mountain of paper contracts and when you need to use that coverage it’s nearly impossible to figure out how to make a claim. We are going to be launching our mobile app that will significantly improve the customer experience of having an extended warranty, so that everything is available to customers instantly, from starting claims to tracking a tow truck on the map when you need roadside assistance.

Of the 276 million vehicles on the road in the US, 48% are eligible for a VSC (vehicle service contract). Car repairs are inevitable but no one likes the traditional way to get the protection an extended warranty provides. We only launched to consumers last month, so we think the sky’s the limit when it comes to the impact we can make for consumers when people learn about our transparent, simple and affordable monthly warranty subscriptions.

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Q: What’s the best thing about that people might not know about?

AC: We are completely transparent which means there are no secrets with But if I had to choose what’s best, I’d say a few things: our instant online quote process, the fact that people know exactly what they’ll pay and what’s covered up-front, and that we even interact directly with mechanics to pay the repair bill which is super convenient and helps deliver a worry-free car ownership experience for consumers.

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