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Zentera’s CoIP Solution Addresses The Security And Networking Needs Of The Multicloud Market

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Zentera enables companies to extend production data-center operations to public, private and managed hosted network domains. The CoIP™ (Cloud over IP™) cross-cloud session layer solution offers enterprise-grade networking and security for the emerging cloud ecosystem, protecting the new attack surface exposed by remote cloud endpoints. Below is our interview with Mike Loftus, VP of Strategy & Marketing at Zentera Systems:


Q: Mike, could you describe the need Zentera addresses?

A: Yes, I would be happy to. The cloud must coexist with enterprise-based deployments, so multicloud installations are becoming more common with compute resources residing in enterprise datacenters and one or more public/private clouds. While the enterprise has complete control over the underlying infrastructure in the on-premise datacenter, the same cannot be said of the public/private or managed clouds. Security requires the kind of complete control that enterprises today don’t have in a multitenant environment. In a hybrid deployment, the enterprise datacenter and the public/private/managed cloud are all run by different IT administrations with different network topologies and possibly conflicting IP address domains. There are considerable networking and security challenges in integrating the different domains to build a secure multicloud environment.

Zentera’s CoIP (Cloud over IP) solution directly addresses the security and networking needs of the burgeoning enterprise multicloud market. By 2019, 86 percent of enterprise workloads will be in cloud virtual datacenters. The overall multicloud market is predicted to grow to $84B, and the cloud security market alone is projected to be close to $10B within 5 years.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of Zentera’s CoIP solution?

A: Zentera’s CoIP platform provides a powerful overlay multicloud network and security solution. Only CoIP provides a straightforward, easily implemented and highly secure answer to the challenges of connecting compute resources—VMs, containers and servers—across multiple datacenters and public, private or managed clouds. It can operate with any cloud and is fully automated for the most popular public clouds—AWS and Azure.

A unique characteristic of the CoIP network is that it is on-demand and event-driven—there is no permanent connectivity between endpoints. Furthermore, its agnostic network virtualization can be provisioned in hours over existing IP infrastructure. Enterprises do not need to set up VPNs, rely on VPCs, or tamper with existing enterprise security. CoIP works with any transport in any environment.

One of CoIP’s strengths is that its security capabilities—encryption, microsegmentation, and workload interlock—are deeply integrated with its virtual network. Rather than using conventional edge-to-edge connections, CoIP is an endpoint-to-endpoint overlay network. This means that security can be deeply embedded within CoIP and operates at both the network and the application levels.

Overall, CoIP accelerates productivity and business agility for its partners and customers, who use CoIP to move workloads to the cloud, connect private to public clouds and consolidate datacenters. CoIP also enables on-demand bursting, business continuity and advanced workload protection. Most recently, we’ve added support for partner integrations with our APIs and ability to interoperate with existing security services such as intrusion detection.

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Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction Zentera and your history?

A: Zentera Systems was founded by Jaushin Lee, currently CEO, in 2012 to realize his vision of the coming convergence of networking and security. He is the architect behind the company’s CoIP multicloud networking and security platform.

Zentera was inspired by Jaushin’s experiences in the late 1990s trying to create cloud-like functionality between two Silicon Valley technology giants, well before the cloud become commercially available. The effort took months and ultimately failed because of security and compliance considerations. Jaushin realized then that new technologies and solutions would be needed to make the cloud acceptable for companies requiring enterprise-security in production use. When the industry’s evolution reached the right point, Jaushin was ready and Zentera was formed!

Q: You’ve recently announced that your IP portfolio now includes a Secure Virtual Network Platform patent and two additional registered trademarks: CoIP® and Cloud Over IP®; tell us something more?

A: Well, the Secure Virtual Network Platform patent is important because it addresses a market requirement today that no one else meets. In a multicloud market, network and security need to work together more than ever. The new patent protects CoIP’s ability to provide enterprise-grade security while connecting multiple datacenters and clouds together in a single environment. The patent also protects CoIP’s capability to provide application network interlock whitelisting for defense-in-depth for sophisticated, layered network security.

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Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: Currently, our geographic focus is North America. It’s vital that our partners and customers have an excellent experience with this new kind of network security solution. Multicloud is just getting significant traction, as are we. Zentera will expand its geographic reach as the market and the company grow.

Q: What are your plans for next 12 months?

A: We have to help the industry understand the inevitable convergence of networking and security. This convergence will open up the multicloud by addressing the security and compliance challenges that are constraining multicloud adoption by enterprises. To succeed in that goal, Zentera will keep CoIP ahead of the curve as a set of technologies and products. We will be working with technology integration and sales partners to make CoIP more widely available, more widely used, and more widely respected. Finally, Zentera will continue to grow into an established industry leader with world-class partners, investors, and advisory board members.

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