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Acuna Consulting Transforms How Organizations And Teams Leverage Enterprise Agility, DevOps, And Test Automation

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Acuna Consulting is an Agile Solutions company that facilitates coaching, training and consulting in the fields of Agile, DevOps, and Test Automation. Below is our recent interview with Aland Acuna, CEO at Acuna Consulting:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Acuna Consulting?

A: We lead the process of organizational change by infusing Agile Oxygen ™ throughout the entire enterprise and on both team, as well as on individual level. Our trainings, as well as our consulting has one goal in mind- to drive the organizational and cultural change businesses need to be successful and deliver on time and under budget. And, of course, we strive to always be thought leaders in the field of Agile, keeping a razor-sharp focus on leadership and emerging technologies.

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Q: Can you tell us something more about your service offerings?

A: We consider our trainings to be the backbone of each successful Agile transformation- the better trained your leadership and teams are, the faster, smoother, and cheaper your product delivery will be. This is why we offer both certified trainings from all of the industry leading certification bodies, as well as client- specific workshops. We know one size doesn’t fit all, so we tailor everything to your organization’s needs. We offer a vast array of workshops on conflict management and emotional intelligence, as well as organizational design and leadership assessment. Acuna Consulting also facilitates custom Automation Testing implementations and resource training through our Automation boot camp.

In the consulting and development space, as experts in DevSecOps, we help assess and close the gap for organizations in their CI/CD efforts and enable them to create Continuous Operations without the fear of web security using our Agile Oxygen ™ Model.

And last but not least, our Elite Agilest membership site allows us to reach and provide thought leadership to the Agile community and keep in touch with students, clients, and Agile enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Q: You’ve recently received a “Top 50 Tech Visionary” award at the Intercon in Las Vegas, NV; could you tell us something more?

A: It was an immense honor to receive the “Top 50 Tech Visionary” award for our Agile and Automation Testing transformations and implementations in the private and government sectors. We had the opportunity to meet great leaders and see some amazing exhibits during the event. The most rewarding part was actually being alongside the disruptors of the technology and healthcare markets.

Q: What’s Agilepreneur and who is it for?

A: Agileprenuer was created as a forum for leadership development, executive coaching, team building and current trends in Agile, and a lean and design thinking platform. It allows us to share tips and techniques using blogs and videos. It was launched with the curious, innovative, Agile entrepreneurs in mind and for those who are constantly inspecting and adapting their “WOW” (way of working). It is a blog for all Agile teams, managers and executives of both small and large enterprises.

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Q: What can we expect from Acuna Consulting in the future?

A: It looks like Acuna Consulting will have one of its most exciting and busy years yet. We look forward to launching our global Enterprise Agile Leadership Masterclass tour. You will also be hearing more about our trademarks- Agile Oxygen ™ and Agle Sense ™ from our guest speakers at different Agility related conferences. We have an e-book planned out and coming in the next year. Acuna Consulting has also embraced and will be consulting on emerging technologies such as AIOpps, human centered design and robotics. And while we always try to stay current and offer the most innovative and business-savvy solutions to our clients, we keep our eye on our local community as well- so we will continue our partnership with Year Up in Baltimore. As a non-profit organization that provides professional development and work experience to our under-served youth, they caught our attention a couple of years ago and drawn by their passion and commitment, we couldn’t help but join their cause. For the past 2 years we have been working with their Cyber Security students and will continue to bring the latest and greatest Agile classes to them in the future! And to be quite honest- if you want to see an impressive group of young enterpreneural minds- look no further. We cannot wait to see them become the next generation of Agile influences.

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