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An Interview With Myles Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer At Be Agile

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Below is our recent interview with Myles Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer at Be Agile:

Q: Myles, can you tell us something more about the company and your enterprise business agility solutions?

A: Be Agile is leading the way in researching and designing solutions that enable our clients to lead their market sector through innovative design thinking and delivery focussed on the flow of value with the customer experience front-and-centre. Our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience in integrating innovative design thinking with business agility in a human-centred approach. We have a very unique mix of qualifications in design thinking, Agile, business agility and people engagement.

We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa and we have been very fortunate to deliver services to clients globally with projects having been delivered in the USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Indonesia, China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Lesotho and Nigeria.

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Q: Can you give us insights into the Enterprise Business Agility Model?

A: Whilst Be Agile is highly qualified in traditional Agile frameworks, we believe that there is a significant difference between “doing Agile” and “being agile”. Our focus is on enabling clients to adopt a truly agile mindset that is delivery focussed and is driven by intent-based leaders who ensure that teams and teams-of-teams are given the tools, knowledge, resources and decision-making powers to deliver innovation and improved customer experiences at all levels.

We deliver this through the Enterprise Business Agility Model which provides senior leaders with a strategy and scope for where to invest, accelerate and achieve their enterprise business agility transformation vision. The Enterprise Business Agility Model is revolutionising how organisations are successfully achieving business agility within their organisations. If you’re a senior leader or change agent actively transforming your organisation, the proven EBA Model shows you how to enable measurable and sustainable enterprise business agility transformations across all areas of business operations and delivery. This model helps you achieve true business agility, which is the ability to adapt and change, learn and pivot, deliver at speed, and thrive in a competitive market.

Q: What service offerings do you deliver to your clients?

A: Be Agile offers the full service offering linked to the Enterprise Business Agility Model. This includes working with clients on designing and delivering their agile transformation with specific focus on being agile rather than doing Agile. Our people-centred approach is driven through our offerings on agile implementation, design thinking, customer experience, lean portfolio management, agile people practices, leadership coaching, culture and change management. We use various tools and techniques to enable our clients in driving innovation, teamwork, quality, etc. in their organisations, including LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

Be Agile is also certified to offer certified workshops on the Enterprise Business Agility Model; the full set of SAFe® courses as well as; the ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile HR.

Q: What qualifications do you have to offer these services?

A: Be Agile has invested in ensuring that it has the knowledge required to enable their clients and our unique set of qualifications include:

•Enterprise Business Agility Strategist – the only consulting company in Africa that has this qualification
•AgilityHealth Facilitator – the only consulting company in Africa that has this qualification
•SAFe® Program Consultant
•SAFe® Scrum Master
•Leading SAFe®
•ICAgile Certified Professional in Business Agility Foundations
•ICAgile Certified Professional (and Facilitator) in Agile HR – one of only a handful of professionals worldwide that is certified as a facilitator
•Incorporating Design Thinking into HR
•LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator

Q: What do you see as your competitive advantage?

A: Be Agile is very uniquely placed to advise our clients on the best strategies and tactics to embrace that will ensure that they compete in and lead their market sector. This includes the public sector with the purpose-designed SAFe® for Government course. We lead our market in innovative, yet tried-and-tested, interventions that will ensure that our clients achieve true transformation across the business value chain instead of just in the information technology domain. We are continually researching and exploring new ways of adding real value to our clients.

Be Agile sees our clients as strategic partners and we pride ourselves on the success of our clients – the true yardstick of a successful consulting partner.

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Q: What do you have planned for the future?

A: We strive to create mutually beneficial solutions and service delivery that benefits our clients, the communities they operate within as well as the environment. We see ourselves as the trusted partner to our clients where our solutions, advice and delivery liberate their organisations to lead their markets in a sustainable manner. We will always strive to be at the cutting-edge of research and solution design and our clients can rest assured that we will always be testing the boundaries of what is possible.

In our drive to be as innovative as possible, we are offering an Enterprise Business Agility Safari experience in South Africa in May 2019. Join us in this ultimate in-depth workshop where you will discover how to successfully implement the 7-Pillars of the Enterprise Business Agility Model within your organisation while experiencing the amazing African safari and learning about leadership, teamwork and most importantly, yourself.

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