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Construction Industry Incumbents Join Forces With Tech Start-Up To Create A One-Of-A-Kind Microburst Quality Assurance Solution

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Ving has partnered with Quality Built, LLC, (QB) a U.S.-based industry leader in third-party quality assurance inspections and risk management solutions, and Canadian company, The Holmes Group, (led by 35-year licensed contractor and TV host Mike Holmes of Holmes on Homes, FOX’s Home Free and Holmes & Homes) specializing in independent media production, new home building, home inspections and product development.

Recently we had an opportunity to connect with Ving CEO Tony DeAscentis, Quality Built CEO Brian Kramer, and Mike Holmes to get their insights on their new partnership:

Q: What exactly comprises this partnership?

Tony: Ving has partnered with two incumbent industry leaders to create a one-of-a-kind microburst training solution for builders, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers within the construction industry. The Ving Microburst Training and Compliance Monitoring Technology will be the foundation for the widespread success of an innovative training program developed by Quality Built and The Holmes Group. The strategic duo will be leveraging the Ving technology to integrate custom microburst training videos that educate and entertain, into Quality Built’s data construction site data collection inspection app QB BuilderLink® and trade performance reports to drive targeted training that will help manage quality of work issues across their clients’ construction projects.

Brian: The construction industry is over-saturated with an abundance of training programs. How do we know which one is best? Someone needed to create a program that not only had quality content, but also leveraged technology to monitor engagement and address accountability. This is when Ving came in! Over the years, there has been a rapid adoption of technology in construction, which has already proven to improve quality, reduce costs, prevent delays and eliminate redundancies in scopes of work. Through our training program, we aim to do just that.

The training program comprises five value-added components:

1. Custom professional microburst training videos developed by industry experts, QB and The Holmes Group.
2. The integration of microburst training videos into Quality Built’s QB Builder Link® data collection app to provide real-time training where it is needed most—during installation out on the field.
3. The integration of microburst training videos into Quality Built’s Trade QA Performance report to provide targeted training to trades and superintendents while delivering qualitative data on the effectiveness of the program.
4. The use of the Ving compliance monitoring technology to be able to track engagement data of those who received, read, watched, listened and understood the training material—thus addressing accountability.
5. The ability to share training videos with peers via an email or text message without having to log in to a portal.

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Q: How was a partnership between these three entities conceived?

Tony: Ving is my third tech start-up. I know it is critical to find partners holding the leadership position in your target market that can clearly see the value-add your tech brings to their customers. Partnerships like this don’t just fall in your lap. You have to have an excellent technology platform ready to use now, and then get out there and network everywhere.

I’ve been searching for the right fit since Ving was launched, a journey that required trips to Silicon Valley, active participation in investor networks, and a lot of hustle in and out of all types of entrepreneurial-focused gatherings. You know the partnership in front of you is spot on when you clearly see how an already strong offering gets exponentially better.

Quality Built and The Holmes Group value the Ving technology so much that they have invested in our company. Together, they will be leveraging the Ving technology to Make It Right® in the construction industry.

Q: Why is this partnership important?

Mike: Over the last 15 years on television I have emphasized education and knowledge to do it right, the first time. With the Ving platform and the expertise of QB Inspections, we have found a new vehicle to help builders, installers, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers to train the next generation through readily accessible edu-tainment videos that streamline training, develop knowledge and increase staff engagement. All of which acts as a foundation for any company to Make It Right!

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Q: What do you hope the partnership will yield in 2018/2019?

Tony: Throughout 2018 and beyond, the construction industry is going to experience an accelerated foundation shift—much like the disruption felt by incumbents in their vertical markets when the likes of Uber, Amazon, and Airbnb (to name a few) redefined how traditional business should be thinking—serving their customers, employees, and partners. We expect that we are in the right place at the right time to deliver an exponential value-add solution to the construction industry. Those ready for the foundational shift will have embraced technologies like Ving Microburst and deployed the solutions to their in-the-field workforce.

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