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DeTorres Group Provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) To B2B Companies Across The United States

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Below is our recent interview with Dustin DeTorres, CEO of DeTorres Group:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to DeTorres Group?

A: Sure. My company, DeTorres Group, has been focusing on working solely with B2B companies across the United States (also in Canada & the UK) on their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) since 2008. Many of our B2B clients are technology startups, SaaS companies, manufacturers and healthcare related. Many times, our clients have come to us afyer working with other B2B focused agencies and they haven’t figured out why they haven’t been able to move the needle when it comes to website traffic, B2B leads and optimization. Our average client sees an over 200% increase in clients, traffic and revenue after working with us for a year.

Q: Dustin, you’ve recently been accepted into Forbes Agency Council for the second year in a row; could you tell us something more?

A: I’m super excited to be a part of Forbes again so I can contribute my years of in-the-trenches B2B SEO experience with other agencies and B2B professionals. Over the years, I’ve tried to be consistent with publishing blog posts and video with my learnings from the ever changing B2B SEO landscape so it’s nice to see that Forbes has taken notice and chosen me to be a part of their organization for another year.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: When breaking apart B2B SEO, there are MANY facets that contribute to the whole.

On-Site Optimizations: Most B2B websites are poor when it comes to utilizing SEO best practices. There are hundreds of ranking factors at play that are continuously changing and moving up or down in importance. Being able to keep up with the detail is a full time job. Google makes minor algorithm updates daily and larger ones often so it’s imperative to work with someone or a team that follows the updates.

Off-Site Optimizations: Since we solely focus on B2B SEO, we have tons of relationships with resources for our clients. This includes high domain authority websites for backlinks and opportunities for National or Regional PR. All of which have a B2B focus in order to reach the right potential clients at the right place and time.

B2B Content Strategy: When we encounter a new client, many times the content on their website is either too lacking or too advanced for their average potential client. We’ll create a content marketing strategy and utilize our trained content writers to create a plethora of different types of B2B focused content. Pieces like blog posts, eBooks, offline flyers, transcriptions of podcasts, etc etc.

Reputation Strategies: We understand that not everyone is going to be 100% happy with you or your business all of the time. In the event that someone goes online to say damaging things about your company, we have strategies that we have used over the years to help ensure no one sees any negative about you.

Q: What kind of results have your B2B SEO clients seen?

A: Our average client normally comes to us for two reasons. 1: They have been working with another marketing agency and have seen some growth but are wondering why they aren’t seeing more / faster growth. 2: They’ve been hit by one of Google’s many algorithm updates and have seen huge losses in website traffic & leads. The vast majority come from other agencies and aren’t happy with growth or improvements. To date, these B2B clients see an almost 200% increase in website traffic after working with us for 12 months. Many see this kind of result much sooner.

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Q: What type of client would benefit the most from your services?

A: Structurally, the “wheelhouse” for us is a B2B related business that does anywhere from 1 million to 25 million in annual revenue. They normally have a person or small team that focuses somewhat on online marketing but is overwhelmed with the changes and education needed to master search engine optimization in the B2B space. In regards to type of companies, we’ve worked with many different niches like tech, startups, manufacturing, healthcare, SaaS & other digital marketing agencies (white labeling our services) that operate in the B2B space.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We will continue to stay on the cutting edge of everything B2B SEO and give our clients the best possible service offerings and, most importantly, RESULTS.

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