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Jive Delivers Enterprise-Grade Business Cloud Communications

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From small businesses to large enterprises, people are recognizing the benefits of cloud communications and making the switch. The migration to the cloud is really starting to pick up and Jive is currently one of the highest-rated, secure and reliable cloud VoIP providers in the business communications space.

Below is our interview with Sterling Snow, Marketing Communications Manager at Jive Communications, Inc:


Q: Where is the most disruption happening in telecom?

A: The unified communications space is where we see the most disruption. Providers are bundling services like telephony, e-fax, contact center, video conferencing, texting, and chat, which is also helping businesses become more efficient.

Q: What does the future of VoIP and UCaaS look like?

A: You’ll see much more innovation in the future. Communications providers like Jive will integrate seamlessly with CRMs like SalesForce and Zoho to facilitate increased product innovation.

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Q: Should people be afraid to trust the cloud for their business communications needs?

A: Not at all. Broadband infrastructure has become very robust, and providers are taking steps to provide secure, reliable cloud service. For example, Jive delivers 99.999% uptime with an industry-leading number of data centers. With numbers like that, there’s nothing to to be nervous about.

Q: Why should businesses switch to Jive?

A: How much time have you got? Because there are several reasons. Sure, there’s the cost, which includes a competitive bundle of 80+ features and round-the-clock support. We also treat our customers right—Jive is the best-reviewed and highest-rated B2B VoIP provider. Forbes called us a “rockstar” when it comes to customer satisfaction. But what all that adds up to is freeing companies to focus on what makes them great, so they can do it better. Staffing is easier to manage when you can measure call volume using our call reporting. Directing callers to the right people in your company is faster and easier when you can forward calls from office lines to cell phones, like you can with Jive.

Q: What is one bold prediction for the future of business telephony?

A: By 2020, more businesses will be using cloud telephony than on-premises telephony.

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Q: How are so many tech companies in Utah doing so well? How is Silicon Slopes rivalling Silicon Valley?

A: Silicon Slopes is definitely booming, and the world is starting to take notice. One of the drivers for this is the “execution over hype” mentality Jive and many of our neighbors have had to adopt. This allowed us to focus on growth, which is why this area is so rich in tech companies that have learned to thrive in tough markets.

Q: Will Jive become the next “tech Unicorn” to come from Utah?

A: We certainly have that potential. Jive is in a great spot, the industry is booming, and we’re a company that’s positioned to capitalize on that opportunity. I think we’re capable of becoming another Utah unicorn.

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