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Kaddra Delivers Mobile eCommerce Technology To SMEs On B2C And B2B Models

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Below is our recent interview with Quentin Chiarugi, CEO at Kaddra:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Kaddra?

A: Kaddra was founded in 2017 in Singapore. We provide Mobile eCommerce (mCommerce) technology to SMEs on B2C or B2B models. Our software includes a series of tools capable of managing all aspects of digital sales and marketing through an all-in-one back office connected to a digital storefront in the form of a white label native app for iOS and Android. We provide solutions for B2B Businesses to essentially improve productivity as well as simplifying certain supply chain processes. For B2C we help nurture and target customers at a very personal level, anywhere and anytime, making purchases very convenient, improving frequency and volume of sales.

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Q: What are the key benefits of using Kaddra’s all-in-one mobile-first digital commerce solution?

A: Most, if not all, eCommerce providers are currently focusing on web solutions so companies can attract a flow of new customers leveraging the powerful search engines such as Google. Being searchable publically may sound very attractive at first, but businesses very quickly realise it is in fact extremely costly to maintain a wide enough exposure online and every new customer becomes very expensive to acquire.

Our focus is on existing customers. We help make sure they are connected to the brand at all times and can access products or services in the most convenient way possible. Customers B2B or B2C are looking for the same thing. “When I want something, I want to order it in a few clicks wherever I am in the world and I want it delivered fast to the location of my choice.” Using mobile-first technology is uniquely positioned to solve these challenges.

Q: Kaddra can provide solution for B2C where the need for mobile technology is clear but you also provide Mobile solutions for B2B. What are the main benefit for B2B?

A: It is evident now for any B2C business to have a mobile digital version of their business available for their customers. End consumers expect it and native apps are the best way to provide safe and convenient mobile access. Content is king as we all know, most of it is consumed on smartphones (in Singapore alone, people spend an average of 7 hours on their phone per day!) so frictionless transaction from content to commerce (C2C) is becoming the norm.

For B2B the commerce challenge is very similar. Buyers are also expecting mobile access to portfolios, in fact 91% of buyers use their phone to search for products or services, nevertheless the landscape is less unified compared with B2C.

The main benefit of using apps at all levels of the organisation for B2B is productivity, productivity, productivity. There is a limited amount of clients a business can sell to and once you reach your optimum market share, every new client becomes extremely expensive to acquire and often at the detriment of existing ones. So by focusing on Mobile commerce technology businesses provide convenience of access to their portfolio and information as well as smoother ordering process and fulfillment which are key to improving productivity and ultimately making more revenues from the same clients.

Q: What’s the best thing about Kaddra that people might not know about?

A: Kaddra didn’t start as a white label solution. It was built first for our own business. We were running a distribution business in the luxury space and dealing with B2B and B2C clients across many countries in Asia. But to reach our clientele in every corner of the region and scale our model we realised we needed a digital solution so our customers could access our products and services from their phone, widely used by people in the region. However after months of search there wasn’t any solution that could do what we wanted so we decided to build it ourselves and created the software and front end native apps we know today.

The technology we have built would not be accessible for most SMEs essentially because of the costs, skills and time it would require to put it together but by using a white label SaaS model with a templated native app storefront, we have made the access to the technology possible for all and at the same time disrupted the mobile commerce model greatly. Today any company can afford our solution, can operate it without the need of technology skills and can launch a live digital mobile commerce in weeks instead of months.

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Q: What can we expect from Kaddra in next 6 months?

A: Our solution has now reached a strong maturity and the adoption from over a dozen industries is a clear sign to move to the next phase of our development. We are currently exploring ties with payment gateways, logistics and other service operators to deepen our foothold in the region. I can’t share specific names just yet, but it will definitely make the news soon! Integrations will allow more flexibility and speed when using our solution and we know there is a real market gap in that area at the moment. Our recent Award for Best eCommerce Solution 2020 in Singapore shows the impact we are already making in this crowded space and we aim in the next 6 months to become the leader in the mobile commerce space in Asia.

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