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Whiz Tutor Makes Tutoring More Accessible To Underserved Populations And More Affordable For Low Income Families

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Whiz Tutor is an Open marketplace for Students and Parents to find qualified local tutors. Below is our recent interview with Justin Clark, CEO and Co-Founder at Whiz Tutor:

Justin Clark

Q: Justin, could you tell us something more about Whiz Tutor?

A: We have a mobile app and web application that works similar to booking an AirBnb but is entirely designed to help students get supplemental educational help. We offer help for more than 150 subjects and have more than 2000 available tutors in 3 cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Whiz Tutor is extremely simple to use, a student or parent just needs to enter their zip code, the subject they need help in, and then students can choose from a list of different tutors. Students can message or directly book that tutor according to their open availability. All tutors come meet the student in person at a location of the students choosing. Whiz Tutor is also much more affordable than your local brick and mortar tutoring companies. You can find a great tutor starting at about $25/hour and book them knowing that they will be adequately paid.

Q: From parents’ perspective, is your platform safe?

A: Safety is the most important factor to us. All tutors our interviewed, screened and tested to insure safety. We always suggest that your first meeting be in a public location such as a coffee shop or a local library. We even go as far as finding tutors with the right personality that connect well with students. We continue to add more protocols and measures to increase safety for our students and tutors.

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Q: Is online tutoring as good as in-person tutoring?

A: Almost, but still “no.” Although there have been great advancements in the tools provided for better communication by means of our computers (be it in your pocket or on your desk) – there will never be all of the communicative tells that are presented in person – over a camera. Being in person truly allows a tutor to most accurately gauge a student’s understanding of any given concept and correspondingly so, allows the tutors to best and most accurately communicate what a student may need in that given moment.

Q: How do you screen your tutors? Do you background check them?

A: We do screen our tutors and we allow for our tutors to be background checked. I personally interview every single tutor that is considered to be onboarded to our platform. Not every tutor is what we’re looking for; and some are exactly what we’re looking for.

Q: What subjects does Whiz Tutor cover?

A: All levels of Mathematics, all Sciences, English, Writing, Reading, Language, and Professional Skills from an Elementary Level to that of about a Junior Level in college. We may be venturing into music lessons as well!

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Obviously to continue expanding, improving academic scores, providing convenient jobs, and generally improving our communities. We hope to dig deeper into the major cities we are currently involved in while attributing to planting our roots in more large cities. The overall goals is to make tutoring more accessible to underserved populations and more affordable for low income based families; through the use of technology we firmly believe we can do that. We are currently in the process of developing a virtual tutoring solution that is all online based. Students will have the choice of meeting a tutor in public or online by just a simple click of a button.

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